Trying not to fall flat on your face as you run the human race

2022.01.28 15:27 HEAVEN_OR_HECK Trying not to fall flat on your face as you run the human race

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2022.01.28 15:27 Hermanssondesign [Homemade] Reindeer fillet. Autumnal stew on smoked pork loin, root vegetables, onions and mushrooms. Served with red wine sauce and roasted potatoes.

[Homemade] Reindeer fillet. Autumnal stew on smoked pork loin, root vegetables, onions and mushrooms. Served with red wine sauce and roasted potatoes. submitted by Hermanssondesign to food [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 15:27 TeaOnASkateboard Clubbing at 18?

Hey I’m new to the clubbing scene but would love to find a place to go out and dance at. Any recommendations? I live near praca dos Flores if that helps
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2022.01.28 15:27 Mrsmaul2016 OT: Omari news
I’m psyched about this. I have the book(Pieces of Her) and have been a fan of the author Karin Slaughter for 20 years now. I didn’t know he was part of the cast
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2022.01.28 15:27 V1p3rzach Hey guys. I’m 19 and want to get my CDL and get into trucking. Any advice?

I live in GA and currently have a suspended license due to a super speeder charge on my record (yes I know, stupid decision on my part but I learned from it since then and I no longer drive like a fool ever since this event and I took a defensive driving course). I get my license back in April and I’m aware that I need my drivers license to enroll into a school, and I need a clean record. Is a speeding ticket going to cost me my plans for being a trucker? How long do you think I will have to wait to get my CDL if this is the case? Any advice for someone looking to get into the business is welcome and if this sort of post isn’t allowed then mods please remove it. Thanks.
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2022.01.28 15:27 Greedy-Spinach5440 How can I find out for sure if I’m being paid less than my co worker for the same job?

In England. I’m one in a team of 4 carers looking after a brain injured adult. We are all paid an hourly rate (£9.75) and all do roughly the same hours per month and do exactly the same job.
One of the team of 4 left saying the pay was too low, found a higher paid position with a different company but ended up coming back to our team again after about a year (due to her service user passing away)
This carer initially made a few hints upon her return that our company only got her back because of her great negotiating skills (we took this to mean getting a better hourly rate) but she later denied this. I’m happy if she did manage to get paid better as I believe skilled carers are woefully underpaid and under valued. I’d just like to be paid equally for the same job.
Do I (and the other 2 in our team) have any leg to stand on in regards to finding our if we’re paid unequally and if so, how do we get the same pay?
Thanks for any advice.
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2022.01.28 15:27 AntelopeComfortable8 what are some tips for people looking to find a new job in an new city?

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2022.01.28 15:27 Otherwise_Bake_1572 Covid Test has anyone seen where the fake Covid tests are?

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2022.01.28 15:27 polka-dotman Celsius Promo Code + $50 and more in bitcoin Bonus! (Worldwide) 🚀 🚀

Sign up for Celsius and get up to $50 + more when you use a referral.

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2022.01.28 15:27 nightsonic She 42F him 22M

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2022.01.28 15:27 padraigd Eamonn McCann in conversation with Jeremy Corbyn on the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday

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2022.01.28 15:27 Accomplished_Rub9348 Need advice

I live in NC. And a month ago it was around 70 degrees for a few days and I saw a ton of lizards but it was the end of December. One day after the week of 70 degree weather it become cold, around 32 degrees. Well a lizard made it into my garage and im assuming it was in some state of brumation because it was laying on the ground not moving with it's eyes closed. I didn't bother him. The garage is heated half of the day because we come in and out around 65 to 70 degrees. My question is will this lizard survive? He's been in here for a month now and I keep seeing him laying in the sun at the window. Will he starve? Should I do anything?
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2022.01.28 15:27 westbelfast1916 All those who have died for the cause of Irish freedom from 1969 onwards (taken from -

As another year begins I would like this opportunity to post the names of those brave volunteers who have given their lives for the cause of Irish freedom and equality. I will list those from all groups, as no matter which organisation you support or belong to, all ultimately gave up their lives in the struggle.
Oglaigh Na hEireann
BELFAST 1st Battalion Vol Tony Henderson Apr. 4th, 1971 Vol Terence McDermott Oct. 2nd, 1971 Vol Martin Forsythe Oct. 24th, 1971 Vol Tony Jordan June 28th, 1972 Vol John Finucane June 28th, 1972 Vol Francis Hall Aug. 30th, 1973 Vol Gerard Fennell Nov. 8th, 1974 Vol John Rooney Nov. 15th, 1974 Vol Sean McDermott Apr. 5th, 1976 Vol Thomas Kane July 6th, 1976 Vol Danny Lennon Aug. 10th, 1976 Vol Brendan O'Callaghan Apr. 23rd, 1977 Vol Dan Turley June 9th, 1983 Vol Jim McKernan Sept. 14th, 1986 Vol Margaret McArdle June 7th, 1987 Vol Kevin McCracken Mar. 14th, 1988 Vol Caoimhín Mac BrádaighMar. 16th, 1988 Vol Patricia Black Nov. 15th, 1991 Vol Frankie Ryan Nov. 15th, 1991
2nd Battalion Vol Liam McParland Nov. 6th, 1969 Vol Jimmy Steele Aug. 9th, 1970 Vol Peter Blake Oct. 27th, 1970 Vol Tom McGoldrick Oct. 27th, 1970 Vol Charles Hughes Mar. 8th, 1971 Vol Seamus Simpson Aug. 11th, 1971 Vol Danny O'Neill Jan. 7th, 1972 Vol Albert Kavanagh Mar. 4th, 1972 Vol Gerard Crossan Mar. 9th, 1972 Vol Tony Lewis Mar. 9th, 1972 Vol Sean Johnston Mar. 9th, 1972 Vol Tom McCann Mar. 9th, 1972 Vol Patrick Campbell Mar. 25th, 1972 Vol Robert McCrudden Aug. 3rd, 1972 Vol Michael Clarke Aug. 11th, 1972 Vol Jimmy Quigley Sept. 29th, 1972 Vol Daniel McAreavey Oct. 6th, 1972 Vol Patrick Maguire Oct.10th, 1972 Vol John Donaghy Oct. 10th, 1972 Vol Joseph McKinney Oct. 10th, 1972 Vol Stan Carberry Nov. 13th, 1972 Vol Francis Liggett Jan. 18th, 1973 Vol Edward O'Rawe Apr.12th, 1973 Vol Patrick Mulvenna Aug. 31st, 1973 Vol James Bryson Sept. 22nd, 1973 Vol Martin Skillen Aug. 3rd, 1974 Vol John Kelly Jan. 21st, 1975 Vol John Stone Jan. 21st, 1975 Vol Paul Fox Dec. 1st, 1975 Vol Sean Bailey Feb. 13th, 1976 Vol James McGrillen Feb. 15th, 1976 Vol Paul Marlowe Oct. 16th, 1976 Vol Tommy Tolan July 27th, 1977 Vol Billy Carson Apr. 25th, 1979 Vol Kevin Delaney Jan. 17th, 1980 Vol Terence O'Neill July 1st, 1980 Vol Liam Hannaway Feb. 2nd, 1981 Vol James Burns Feb. 23rd, 1981 Vol Tony Campbell Aug. 4th, 1985 Vol Brian Dempsey June 25th, 1986 Vol Finbarr McKenna May 2nd, 1987
3rd Battalion Vol Henry McIlhone June 27th, 1970 Vol Michael Kane Sept. 4th, 1970 Vol James Saunders Feb. 6th, 1971 Vol Billy Reid May 15th, 1971 Vol Patrick McAdorey Aug. 9th, 1971 Vol Tony Nolan Dec. 8th, 1971 Vol Gerald McDade Dec. 21st, 1971 Vol Joseph Cunningham Feb. 10th, 1972 Vol Gerard Bell Feb. 21st, 1972 Vol Gerard Steele Feb. 21st, 1972 Vol Robert Dorrian Feb. 21st, 1972 Vol Joseph Magee Feb. 21st, 1972 Vol Samuel Hughes Apr. 7th, 1972 Vol Charles McCrystal Apr. 7th, 1972 Vol John McErlean Apr. 7th, 1972 Vol Edward McDonnell May 28th, 1972 Vol Jackie McIlhone May 28th, 1972 Vol Joseph Fitzsimmons May 28th, 1972 Vol Martin Engelen May 28th, 1972 Vol Louis Scullion July 14th, 1972 Vol James Reid July 15th, 1972 Vol Joseph Downey July 21st, 1972 Vol Seamus Cassidy July 28th, 1972 Vol James Sloan Feb. 3rd, 1973 Vol Tony Campbell Feb. 4th, 1973 Vol James McCann Feb. 4th, 1973 Vol Patrick McCabe Mar. 27th, 1973 Vol Brian Smyth Apr. 17th, 1973 Vol Sean McKee May 18th, 1973 Vol Frederick Leonard May 7th, 1974 Vol Seamus McCusker Oct. 31st, 1975 Vol Martin McDonagh Jan. 13th, 1976 Vol Frank Fitzsimmons Oct. 16th, 1976 Vol Joseph Surgenor Oct. 16th, 1976 Vol Trevor McKibbin Apr. 17th, 1977 Vol Jackie McMahon Jan. 18th, 1978 Vol Jackie Mailey June 21st, 1978 Vol Denis Brown June 21st, 1978 Vol Jim Mulvenna June 21st, 1978 Vol Laurence Montgomery Jan. 5th, 1979 Vol Frankie Donnelly Jan 5th, 1979 Vol Martin McKenna Oct. 23rd, 1979 Vol Laurence Marley Apr. 2nd, 1987 Vol Brendan Davison July 25th, 1988 Vol Pearse Jordan Dec 2nd, 1992 Vol Thomas Begley Oct 23rd, 1993
CLARE Vol Hugh Hehir May 6th, 1988
CORK Vol Tony Ahern May 10th, 1973 Vol Dermot Crowley June 25th, 1973
CUMANN NA mBAN BELFAST Vol Dorothy Maguire Oct. 23rd, 1971 Vol Maura Meehan Oct. 23rd, 1971 Vol Anne Parker Aug. 11th, 1972 Vol Anne Marie Petticrew Sept. 1st, 1973 Vol Bridie Dolan Feb. 9th, 1975 Vol Laura Crawford Dec. 1st, 1975 Vol Rosemary Bleakley Jan. 13th, 1976
DOWNPATRICK Vol Vivien Fitzsimmons Feb. 10th, 1973
NEWCASTLE Vol Pauline Kane July 21st, 1973
DERRY BRIGADE Vol Thomas McCool June 27th, 1970 Vol Thomas Carlin June 27th, 1970 Vol Joseph Coyle June 27th, 1970 Vol Eamonn Lafferty Aug. 18th, 1971 Vol James O'Hagan Aug. 19th, 1971 Vol Colm Keenan Mar. 14th, 1972 Vol Eugene McGillan Mar. 14th, 1972 Vol John Starrs May 13th, 1972 Vol Seamus Bradley July 31st, 1972 Vol Michael Quigley Sept.17th, 1972 Vol John Brady Nov. 28th, 1972 Vol James Carr Nov. 28th, 1972 Vol James McDaid Dec. 29th, 1972 Vol Joe Walker Dec. 3rd, 1973 Vol Gerard Craig June 24th, 1974 Vol David Russell June 24th, 1974 Vol Michael Meenan Oct. 30th, 1974 Vol John McDaid Dec. 7th, 1974 Vol Ethel Lynch Dec. 7th, 1974 Vol Jim Gallagher May 17th, 1976 Vol Brian Coyle June 30th, 1976 Vol Denis Heaney June 10th, 1978 Vol Patrick Duffy Nov. 24th, 1978 Vol George McBreartyMay 28th, 1981 Vol Charles Maguire May 28th, 1981 Vol Eamonn Bradley Aug. 25th, 1982 Vol Phil O'Donnell Dec. 24th, 1982 Vol Richard Quigley Apr. 21st, 1984 Vol Ciaran Fleming Dec. 2nd, 1984 Vol Danny Doherty Dec. 6th, 1984 Vol Willie Fleming Dec. 6th, 1984 Vol Charles English Aug. 6th, 1985 Vol Tony Gough Feb. 22nd, 1986 Vol Philip McFadden May 31st, 1986 Vol Patrick O'Hagan Aug. 9th, 1986 Vol Gerard Logue Mar. 22nd, 1987 Vol Paddy Deery Oct. 28th, 1987 Vol Eddie McSheffreyOct. 28th, 1987
COUNTY DERRY Vol Martin Lee Dec. 18th, 1971 Vol John Bateson Dec. 18th, 1971 Vol James Sheridan Dec. 18th, 1971 Vol Danny McMullan Feb. 7th, 1982 Vol Antoine Mac Giolla Bhrighde Dec. 2nd, 1984 Vol James Kelly Mar. 25th, 1993
DONEGAL Vol Peter McElcar July 17th, 1976 Vol Raymond McLaughlinSept. 9th, 1985
DUBLIN Vol Patrick Cannon July 17th, 1976 Vol Colm Daltun Jan. 15th, 1983 Vol Mick Timothy Jan. 26th, 1985 Vol Christy Harford May 5th , 1992 Vol Martin Doherty May 21st, 1994
ENGLAND Vol Michael Gaughan (Parkhurst Prison) June 3rd, 1974 Vol James McDade Nov. 14th, 1974 Vol Brian Fox Dec. 21st, 1974 Vol Francis Stagg (Wakefield Prison) Feb. 12th, 1976 Vol Edward O'Brien Feb. 18th, 1996 Vol Diarmuid O'Neill Sept. 23rd, 1996
FIANNA ÉIREANN Fian Gerald McAuley Aug. 15th, 1969 Fian Michael Sloan Jan. 11th, 1972 Fian Eamon McCormick Jan. 16th, 1972 Fian Gerry Donaghy Jan. 30th, 1972 Fian David McAuley Feb. 19th, 1972 Fian Sean O'Riordan Mar. 23rd, 1972 Fian Michael Magee May 13th, 1972 Fian Joseph Campbell June 11th, 1972 Fian John Dougal July 9th, 1972 Fian Tobias Molloy July 16th, 1972 Fian Joseph McComiskey Sept. 20th, 1972 Fian Bernard Fox Dec. 4th, 1972 Fian Sean Hughes Dec. 4th, 1972 Fian Michael Marley Nov. 24th, 1973 Fian Robert Allsopp Mar. 23rd, 1975 Fian Kevin McAuley Nov. 6th, 1975 Fian James O'Neill Feb. 12th, 1976 Fian Paul McWilliams Aug. 9th, 1977 Fian John Dempsey July 8th, 1981
GHQ STAFF Vol Jack McCabe Dec. 27th, 1971 Vol Thomas O'Donnell May 17th, 1973 Vol Mairead Farrell Mar. 6th, 1988 Vol Dan McCann Mar. 6th, 1988 Vol Sean Savage Mar. 6th, 1988 Vol Seamus Twomey Sept. 12th 189
LAOIS Vol Michael Motley June 12th, 1993
LIMERICK Vol Patrick Sheehy Jan. 2nd, 1991
LONG KESH Vol Francis Dodds Sept. 9th, 1973 Vol Teddy Campbell May 3rd, 1974 Vol Patrick Teer July 2nd, 1974 Vol Hugh Coney Nov. 6th, 1974 Vol James Moyne Jan. 13th, 1975 Vol Henry Heaney June 4th, 1978 Vol Sean Bateson June 7th, 1990 Vol Pól Kinsella Dec. 13th, 1994
H-BLOCK MARTYRS Vol Bobby Sands May 5th, 1981 Vol Francis Hughes May 12th, 1981 Vol Raymond McCreesh May 21st, 1981 Vol Joe McDonnell July 8th, 1981 Vol Martin Hurson July 13th, 1981 Vol Kieran Doherty Aug. 2nd, 1981 Vol Thomas McElwee Aug. 8th, 1981
MONAGHAN Vol Sean McKenna June 5th, 1975 Vol Peadar Mohan Feb. 1st, 1981
NEWRY Vol Colm Murtagh Aug. 9th, 1972 Vol Patrick Hughes Aug. 22nd, 1972 Vol Oliver Rowntree Aug. 22nd, 1972 Vol Noel Madden Aug. 22nd, 1972 Vol Brendan Quinn Dec. 24th, 1973 Vol Edward Grant Dec. 24th, 1973 Vol Patrick McKeown Aug. 27th, 1974 Vol Michael Hughes Oct. 18th, 1974 Vol Robert Carr Apr. 1st, 1980 Vol Brendan Watters Aug. 8th, 1984
NORTH ANTRIM Vol Phelim Grant Feb. 5th, 1972 Vol Charles McCann Feb. 5th, 1972 Vol Henry Hogan Feb. 21st, 1984 Vol Declan Martin Feb. 21st, 1984 Vol Peter Rodden Dec. 7th, 1987 Vol Gerard Casey Apr. 4th, 1989
NORTH ARMAGH Vol Michael Crossey Nov. 22nd, 1971 Vol Charles Agnew Dec. 17th, 1971 Vol John Francis Green Jan. 10th, 1975 Vol Terry Brady Dec 5th, 1975 Vol David Kennedy Dec. 10th, 1975 Vol Sean Burns Nov. 11th, 1982 Vol Gervase McKerr Nov. 11th, 1982 Vol Eugene Toman Nov. 11th, 1982 Vol Eddie Dynes Mar. 1st, 1983 Vol Sean McIlvenna Dec. 17th, 1984
PORTLAOISE Vol Tom Smith Mar. 17th, 1975 Vol Brendan Seery Feb. 19th, 1992
SLIGO Vol Kevin Coen Jan. 20th, 1975 Vol Joseph MacManus Feb. 5th, 1992
SOUTH ARMAGH Vol Michael McVerry Nov. 15th, 1973 Vol Sean Boyle Feb. 1st, 1975 Vol Francis Jordan June 4th, 1975 Vol Sean Campbell Dec. 6th, 1975 Vol James Lochrie Dec. 6th, 1975 Vol Peter Cleary Apr. 15th, 1976 Vol Seamus Harvey Jan. 16th, 1977 Vol Peadar McElvanna June 9th, 1979 Vol Brendan Burns Feb. 29th, 1988 Vol Brendan Moley Feb. 29th, 198 Vol Eugene Martin Apr. 7th, 1996
SOUTH FERMANAGH Vol Louis Leonard Dec. 15th, 1972 Vol Seamus McElwain Apr. 26th, 1986
SOUTH DOWN Vol Peter McNulty Jan. 26th, 1972 Vol James Carlin Aug. 26th, 1972 Vol Martin Curran Aug. 26th, 1972 Vol Leo O'Hanlon Feb. 10th, 1973 Vol Francis Rice May 18th, 1973 Vol Alphonsus Cunningham July 21st, 1973 Vol Paul Magorrian Aug. 14th, 1974 Vol Colum Marks Apr. 10th, 1991
TYRONE Vol Denis Quinn July 3rd, 1972 Vol Hugh Heron Oct. 16th , 1972 Vol John Patrick Mullan Oct. 16th, 1972 Vol Eugene Devlin Dec. 27th, 1972 Vol Kevin Kilpatrick May 13th, 1973 Vol Sean Loughran June 25th, 1973 Vol Patrick Carty June 25th, 1973 Vol Gerard McGlynn Aug. 11th, 1973 Vol Seamus Harvey Aug. 11th, 1973 Vol Daniel McAnallen Aug. 16th, 1973 Vol Patrick Quinn Aug. 16th, 1973 Vol Desmond Morgan Nov. 26th, 1973 Vol Jim McGinn Dec. 15th, 1973 Vol Patrick McDonald Mar. 15th, 1974 Vol Kevin Murray Mar. 15th, 1974 Vol Eugene Martin May 13th, 1974 Vol Sean McKearney May 13th, 1974 Vol Paul Duffy Feb. 26th, 1978 Vol Brian Campbell Dec. 4th, 1983 Vol Colm McGirr Dec. 4th, 1983 Vol William Price July 13th, 1984 Vol Charlie Breslin Feb. 23rd, 1985 Vol David Devine Feb. 23rd, 1985 Vol Michael Devine Feb. 23rd, 1985 Vol Declan Arthurs May 8th, 1987 Vol Seamus Donnelly May 8th, 1987 Vol Tony Gormley May 8th, 1987 Vol Eugene Kelly May 8th, 1987 Vol Paddy Kelly May 8th, 1987 Vol Jim Lynagh May 8th, 1987 Vol Padraig McKearney May 8th, 1987 Vol Gerard O'Callaghan May 8th, 1987 Vol Seamus Woods July 7th, 1988 Vol Brian Mullin Aug. 30th, 1988 Vol Gerard Harte Aug. 30th, 1988 Vol Martin Harte Aug. 30th, 1988 Vol James Joseph ConnollyFeb. 6th, 1989 Vol Liam Ryan Nov. 29th, 1989 Vol Dessie Grew Oct. 9th, 1990 Vol Martin McCaughey Oct. 9th, 1990 Vol Noel Wilkinson Mar. 3rd, 1991 Vol John Quinn Mar. 3rd , 1991 Vol Malcolm Nugent Mar. 3rd, 1991 Vol Dwayne O'Donnell Mar. 3rd, 1991 Vol Tony Doris June 3rd, 1991 Vol Lawrence McNally June 3rd, 1991 Vol Pete Ryan June 3rd, 1991 Vol Danny McCauley June 4th, 1991 Vol Sean O'Farrell Feb. 16th, 1992 Vol Kevin Barry O'DonnellFeb. 16th, 1992 Vol Patrick Vincent Feb. 16th, 1992 Vol Peter Clancy Feb. 16th, 1992
SINN FÉIN Jim Murphy Apr. 24th, 1974 Paul Best Feb. 18th, 1976 Colm Mulgrew June 5th, 1976 Noel Jenkinson (Leicester Prison) Oct. 9th, 1976 Maire Drumm Oct. 28th, 1976 Seán Ó Conaill (Parkhurst Prison) Oct. 1st, 1977 Peter Corrigan Oct. 25th, 1982 Jeff McKenna Nov. 8th, 1982 Paddy Brady Nov. 16th, 1984 John Davey Feb. 14th, 1989 Tommy Casey Oct. 26th, 1990 Fergal Caraher Dec. 30th, 1990 Eddie Fullerton May 24th, 1991 Pádraig O Seanacháin Aug. 12th, 1991 Tommy Donaghy Aug. 16th, 1991 Bernard O'Hagan Sept. 16th, 1991 Pat McBride Feb. 4th, 1992 Paddy Loughran Feb. 4th, 1992 Sheena Campbell Oct. 16th, 1992 Malachy Carey Dec 12th, 1992 Peter Gallagher Mar. 24th, 1993 Alan Lundy May 1st , 1993 Pat McGeown Sept. 29th, 1996 -Saor Eire———————————- Vol Liam Walsh Oct. 30th 1970 Vol Peter Graham Oct. 27th. 1971 Vol Larry White June 10th 1975
Official IRA——————————— Vol. Martin O'Leary July 6th 1971 Vol Rose Curry Sept. 23rd 1971 Fian Gerard O'Hare Sept. 23rd 1971 Vol Joe McCann Apr. 15th 1972 Fian David McCafferty July 9th 1972 Fian Gerard Gibson July 11th 1972 Vol Edward Brady July 14th 1972 Vol Patricia McKay Sept. 30th 1972 Vol Hugh Herron Oct. 16th 1972 Vol Peter James McGerrigan Apr. 7th 1973 Vol Tony Hughes Apr. 9th 1973 Vol Robert Millen Apr. 14th 1973 Vol Patrick Bracken July 6th 1973 Vol Colm Rowntree May 15th 1974 Vol Martin McAlinden May 11th 1974 Fian Patrick McGreevy Sept. 18th 1974 Vol Sean Fox Feb. 25th 1975 Vol Paul Crawford Apr. 12th 1975 Vol Liam McMillen Apr. 28th 1975 Vol Robert Elliman Oct. 29th 1975 Vol Thomas Berry Oct. 31st 1975 Vol John Kelly Nov. 9th 1975 Vol John Brown Nov. 11th 1975 Vol Gerard Gilmore Jul. 13th 1976 Trevor McNulty July 27th 1977 (Official SF) Vol Joseph McKee June 9th 1979
IRSP/INLA————————————- Vol Hugh Ferguson Feb. 20th 1975 Vol Danny Loughran Apr. 6th 1975 Vol Brendan McNamee June 6th 1975 Ronnie Trainor (IRSP) Dec. 15th 1975 Vol Seamus Costello Oct. 5th 1977 Vol Colm McNutt Dec. 12th 1977 Vol Tommy Trainor Mar. 8th 1978 Vol Miriam Daly June 26th 1980 Vol Ronnie Bunting Oct. 15th 1980 Vol Noel Lyttle Oct. 15th 1980 Vol Tony McClelland Oct. 16th 1980 Vol Jim Power May 7th 1981 Vol Matt McLarnon May 12th 1981 Vol Patsy O'Hara May 21st 1981 Vol Kevin Lynch Aug. 1st 1981 Vol Michael Devine Aug. 20th 1981 Vol Roddy Carroll Dec. 12th 1982 Vol Seamus Grew Dec. 12th 1982 Vol Neil McMonagle Feb 2nd 1983 Vol Brendan Convery Aug. 13th 1983 Vol Gerard Mallon Aug. 13th 1983 Vol Joe Craven Dec. 5th 1983 Vol Paul McCann June 15th 1984 Vol John O'Reilly Jan. 20th 1987 Vol Thomas 'Ta' Power Jan 20th 1987 Vol Mickey Kearney Feb. 18th 1987 Vol Kevin Barry Duffy Mar. 21st 1987 Vol Emmanuel Gargan Mar. 21st 1987 Vol Colm Maguire Oct. 10th 1987 Vol Mary McGlinchey Feb. 1st 1987 Vol James McPhilemy Aug. 10th 1988 Vol Alex Patterson Nov. 12th 1990 Vol Dominic McGlinchey Feb. 10th 1994 Vol Gino Gallagher Jan. 30th 1996 Vol Dermot McShane July 13th 1996 Vol John Morris June 5th 1997 Vol Patrick Campbell Oct. 10th 1999
IPLO————————————————- Vol Gerard Steenson Mar. 15th 1987 Vol Thomas Maguire Mar. 7th 1987 Vol Anthony McCloskey Feb. 5th 1987 Vol Martin Corrigan Apr. 18th 1990 Vol Eoin Morley Apr. 16th 1990 Vol Martin 'Rook' O'Prey Aug. 16th 1991 Vol Patrick McDonald Dec. 23rd 1991 Vol Conor Maguire Apr. 29th 1992 Vol Jimmy Brown Aug. 18th 1992 Vol Hugh McKibben Aug. 27th 1992
Real IRA/Oglaigh Na hEireann————— Vol Ronan MacLochlain May. 1st 1998 Vol Joseph O'Connor Oct. 13th 2000 Vol Martin Conlon Nov. 7th 2005
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2022.01.28 15:27 SoapyCooper [Serious] Men with Body Image Issues, what are some particular struggles and how can society help?

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2022.01.28 15:27 newbcrypter It is the potential of the token that makes it success. Check out DBAY DEFIBAY and look how big it could be.

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2022.01.28 15:27 CosmicCosmix Everyone in Detroit has constipation?

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2022.01.28 15:27 DaiyuSamal Available for Tarot readings. Love, Career and More

Hi folks. Long time Tarot reader. Been reading for nearly a decade and I've had my fair share of questions that were asked of me which are the following:

  1. Love
  2. Career
  3. Spirituality
  4. Personality Readings
  5. Past Life
  6. Twin Flames
And among many others that people ask of me. Please take note that I don't do health or legal readings since I'm a Tarot reader and not a lawyer or a doctor. There are rare cases that I might accept a reading on a legal matter but that would depend on the question itself.
For readings, there are times the cards will tell something you don't want to hear. If you don't want to hear things that you don't want to, please avoid. Also, please note that these readings are donation based and are not free. .
I deliver my readings here on Reddit. Just leave out a chat whenever you're ready. It may take a while for me to respond but surely I will.
Here are my reviews
Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.28 15:27 cuteness_dc Finale episodes

Guys, how are the finale episodes shot? Half today and half tomorrow? When exactly will we know the winner?
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2022.01.28 15:27 serbiatch735 When you’re a party animal, but love a good night sleep 😁

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2022.01.28 15:27 DPearcey Alien OG 🛸

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2022.01.28 15:27 jamesstrogg Prepare Yourselves

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2022.01.28 15:27 sandyweak double jeopardy felony murder

anybody know what this means?

Processing img kngvq69w1he81...
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2022.01.28 15:27 mistik06 r/FortNiteBR in a nutshell (January)

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2022.01.28 15:27 RhysPuzzlePiece For me, GTA Online on Xbox is at 60FPS.

For some reason, GTA Online on my Xbox Series S is hitting 60FPS on Online even though this game is capped at 30.
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2022.01.28 15:27 zeethevision Follow me on twitch!! I like running with new people and getting wins!!

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