Battery drain?

2022.01.28 16:28 AlterEgoCat Battery drain?

Maybe it is because I haven't used my switch in a while, but is anyone else experiencing really bad battery drain?
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2022.01.28 16:28 GoldenRetreevee Sorry for bad quality but I loved this fit!

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2022.01.28 16:28 starwaterbird I had a lot of fun making this one! Hanging with Burt

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2022.01.28 16:28 C27_Miniatures Just finished printing this whole diorama using the Elegoo Mars 3! Super loving the printer so far!

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2022.01.28 16:28 Helius_Aurelius Trying to pull in values of first column in table, by filtering by non-blank cells in other column, selected by table headers.

I’m sure I did a poor job explaining this, but I have a table with either blank cells or non-blank cells, with a header row in row 3, and a header column in column A. I would like to select a column by the header (data validation dropdown), search it for non-empty rows, and return the values from column A which correspond to the non-blank rows.
i.e., if I selected "Store", then "Orange" would be pulled into the list; "Shop" would pull in "Apple" and "Pineapple"; etc.

Food Store Shop Warehouse
Apple Yes Yes
Orange Yes Yes
Pineapple Yes Yes
I've tried using V/H/LOOKUP, and have been able to pull in the searched column, but haven't been able to filter it for non-blank values, or return the values from the leading column.
Any help would be appreciated
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2022.01.28 16:28 badassboy1 Auros academy

How come auros academy gas so many students at super level while others college don't even have their students at maximum advanced level and Will auros academy easily win world college tournament if it participated considering how it has so many Students super level
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2022.01.28 16:28 JayWill2019 New Government Job

So I got a government job with lots of ways to save for retirement. Here is what I plan to do.
Max out 401k $20,500 Max out 457b $20,500 Max out HSA. $3,600
There is also a pension being offered with a back door roth option and this pension plan (Defined Compensation Package) has a annual limit of $61,000 which is it’s own separate limit not counting the 401k, 457b, or HSA. I probably will not even get close to $30,000 in the DCP plan because I just don’t earn enough money.
So my question is can I still contribute to a IRA? From what I read the answer should be yes but I just wanted some other opinions.
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2022.01.28 16:28 fallenkeith2018 Tokens Related to Wonderland Developer Plunge After QuadrigaCX Revelation

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2022.01.28 16:28 No_Friendship7200 Struggling marriage, possibly on the rocks. Need advice.

First off, I'm far from perfect, as a person, as a husband and as a father but I do my absolute best every chance I can. I can be a difficult person at times, but I always try as best I can to be calm and reasonable.
little background: I am an American (45) married to a Swedish woman (48) living in Germany for the last 11 years. We have two children, my stepson (14) who I have raised since he was 3 and our daughter (9). Like any marriage there have been ups and downs, and in the beginning there were more ups than downs but the last five years have been the polar opposite. Some of the warning signs were there from the beginning such as a discussion escalating to an argument quickly and from almost nothing or struggling to get my feelings understood without them being dismissed, but for the first half of our marriage they happened so little I just chalked it up to normal relationship issues. Then a few things changed.
How do I condense these last five years into a reddit post? After our daughter was born my wife started putting on weight, but we were still regularly intimate for a few years. Her weight gain continued uncontrolled until she became quite unattractive to me. Please keep in mind her physical appearance is only one of many factors contributing to this decline, more on this later. All the while she was insisting she was still just as attractive as the day we met. It is important to note that her gain in weight was health related and not just "letting herself go".
It boiled over one day and a discussion about it turned ugly and I was forced to admit that her weight was a partial cause of our greatly diminished sex life. You can imagine how well that went. Even so, during this time I did my best to please her in other ways (orally and with my hands but even that stopped eventually). At some point before all this she took to sleeping on the sofa even after my constant suggestions that she come to bed. 4 years ago I started working the night shift and even with me gone during the night she continued to sleep on the couch so I can safely assume this isn't because of me.
My wife has a very short fuse and a wicked temper. Even so we didn't fight offen the first half of our marriage, but she would often fly off the handle over small things and then later behave as if nothing happened. This gradually got worse over time and eventually even a small suggestion of how she might do something differently (more on this soon) would be treated as a personal attack. Understand that what I mean here is a suggestion like her washing out our large cat box in the bathtub might be easier than in the kitchen sink, or me trying to explain what train or bus to take when we go somewhere (I ride the trains and buses daily while she works from home the last three years) results in her becoming angry, defensive and accusing me of just being difficult.
This kind of treatment is also applied to our children, snapping at them for even the smallest infraction, she often insults them (and me) both in anger (especially in anger) and in the "I'm only joking" kind of way.
Some of this can be explained by my wife's diminishing health. A few years ago a lump was found in her right breast and after two operations her breast was removed. While there was no chemo involved other chronic health issues have resulted from both her weight and going through two major operations.
I did everything I could to be supportive, understanding and cared for my wife during this time. Daily visits with the children to the hospital, caring for her in anyway I could, helping her shower, cooking, cleaning caring for the children and so on. It's important to note that when I spent over a week in the hospital for a back injury years ago, she flat out refused to visit me or bring our children to visit me saying "she didn't have time".
All the while I have tried to do my part, cook and clean as best I can, even from the beginning. I'm no slob and absolutely not lazy. I like the home clean and organized just as she does. The difference is when before I leave for work at night I make sure everything is cleaned up, dishes in the dishwasher, or empty the dishwasher, fold laundry and so on. When I come home in the morning the kitchen can be a little messy (a few dishes and such from my wife and children from the night before after I have left). The problem is my wife will make it clear in a loud tone how she always has to clean up, and how she is the one who does it all and how even with cancer (admittedly she isn't healthy but has been cancer free for two years) she still has to work and cook and clean.
Naturally me working nights means I sleep during the day. Our closet is in our (now my) bedroom and she is constantly coming in and out to get something or sending the children in. Each time I get woken up. I have made suggestion on how this could be fixed and was told "yes but you can easily go back to sleep" as if it doesn't really matter. Conversely when she is sleeping I do my absolute best to stay quiet and not move around as not to wake her. In my mind it's just common courtesy. This has since been changed after a recent large argument, where she simply empted the closet and stuffed everything in the childrens closet. While she is presently not speaking to me (for over a week now) as a result of this argument this action was done in such a way that I was being an inconvenient jerk.
This brings up a further point. Whenever we argue it explodes quickly (both of our faults, I'm not totally innocent in this and freely admit it) until she insists (always her) that one of us leaves, always with her telling me to leave Frist and when I refuse she leaves with nothing being resolved. Then comes a period of her refusing to talk to me and her making sideways comments at me through the children.
After this last recent argument, she has begun making dinner for the children and her and expressly told me she "is no longer cooking for me" forcing me to either make something quick for lunch before work or needing to stop at the store before work. She has had total control of the economy since we have been together and through a series of credits we ended up about €60,000 in debt. For the first year and a half of Corona I worked fulltime night-shift and weekends delivering food in the city by bicycle to help work that debt down to €40k. She has since taken another €6k credit for us to change apartments due to horrible neighbors at our old apartment. I am questioned about ever penny I spend but she orders various things online or shops food as she pleases. This is naturally worse now that I have to fend for myself as far as food for lunch goes.
There are many more examples but this has already grown very long and while I feel I have a right to be upset over all these things I often feel like Im just whining or being a jerk and maybe it really is just me, even though our kids often express the same thoughts. Am I being unreasonable and making things difficult or is my wife simply a toxic person? Again, there are always two sides to every story, and I freely admit I make mistakes, but I have tried to be the best husband and father I can be. I have almost no social circle so there is no one for me to vent to, so I have come here seeking advice and direction. I'm at the end of my rope and ready to leave this marriage but fear for our children. Not from physical abuse, but emotional abuse. I have stayed basically because I know if I leave there will be no one to protect our children from this when I am not around.
Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.28 16:28 GutBustingFaceMelter So I says to myself says I: Colm, this is no day for a do.

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2022.01.28 16:28 threefiddey Has anyone else also received an Email the tax form 1099-K reported to the IRS?

It doesn't have a Phishing code that I set up in Crypto app. Has anyone else also received this email? Is it legit?
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2022.01.28 16:28 xxxbrucey Goat sever

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2022.01.28 16:28 xoVictoriao Car accident

Hey guys I suffered a traffic accident and they sent me to rest for a few weeks (I'm not working) I already spent the money I had saved and I need more to complete my rent... any of you could help me? I'm really in need :(
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2022.01.28 16:28 ForeverFinalGirl Subspecies Review
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2022.01.28 16:28 northwoodsgirl Cleaning out our grandparents’ attic and found these stuck to EVERYTHING. Are they mud dauber nests?

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2022.01.28 16:28 lipiti National Fiddling Champion, "The Fiddler" Alex DePue of the DePue Brothers Has Been Killed in an Automobile Accident

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2022.01.28 16:28 UnnaturalHistory_NFT Unnatural History NFT - The Leshy! NFTs Released 14/02/2022 sold with SOL - the Solana Foundation determined that a single Solana transaction takes 0.00051 kWh vs ETH which uses 192.45kWh Follow r/Unnaturalhistory for more!

Unnatural History NFT - The Leshy! NFTs Released 14/02/2022 sold with SOL - the Solana Foundation determined that a single Solana transaction takes 0.00051 kWh vs ETH which uses 192.45kWh Follow Unnaturalhistory for more! submitted by UnnaturalHistory_NFT to SOLNFT [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 16:28 Lucky-CharmsWW First Time to 100k!! Lets GO

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2022.01.28 16:28 phonemobs How To Block / Blacklist a Number on Motorola Moto E (2020)

There are easy ways to block, blacklist number or sms on Motorola Moto E (2020). This tutorial covers how to reject calls, block unwanted call and sms, how to blacklist a number via ussd code, apk apps. so by using our tutorial you can block both calls and text messages.
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2022.01.28 16:28 Ayushlimbad To the WEB3 changemakers who strive to create and impact ( Its already trending)

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2022.01.28 16:28 ClaudiCloud1998 My two favorite Anime Femboys 😍😍😍

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2022.01.28 16:28 davebertz Leveling summoner fast ?

Yo, I decided to run skelly mage as a league starter for 3.17, but everytime I run summoner as a league starter I feel slow af to get to maps. Is leveling another way viable without spending too much regrets ? Or is there an actual "fast" way to get to maps for a summoner ? I'm no speed racer, but I usually get to maps in like 6 hours but with a summoner I think It's more like 10 hours, which feels like 20 tbh. I've seen a few guides but they are quite outdated and I'm unsure if they're still valid.
Summoner mains rise up and help me out <3
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2022.01.28 16:28 Aleksa092 Far cry 5 coop?

anyone down for far cry 5 coop i got dlcs if u want to play it as well
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2022.01.28 16:28 Automatic_Election22 Warning This Game Causes Extreme Raging

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2022.01.28 16:28 Inappropriate_Deer when i kill mother/ defeat mom's heart i can use mods right? (and do unlocks with them on) or do i have to do something else?

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