DJ Naruto 🍥 Killer Bee

2022.01.28 17:03 mh_envy DJ Naruto 🍥 Killer Bee

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2022.01.28 17:03 g4m3f33d FIFA Mobile - Official Launch Trailer

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2022.01.28 17:03 Chance_Investment_40 $5.99 AND I SHINE!

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2022.01.28 17:03 9-Cortes Me parece muito apropriado

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2022.01.28 17:03 NewsElfForEnterprise Global insurer eyes new Plano office

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2022.01.28 17:03 Interesting_Put2023 💲26 mission

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2022.01.28 17:03 InnocenceGem [GameNerdz] Altiplano (Deal of the Day) - $34.97

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2022.01.28 17:03 ierazo [OC] Position 14: Consensus Ranking for Players by our sub

Hello all, in this series our community to creates a consensus-based ranking for the top nba players.
The procedure will be as follows: each day I will post a google form link with 7 players to be ranked out. The player with lowest average ranking (best) will get the position that is being disputed. The worst player will not enter the evaluation next day. This implies 2 new players should enter the new poll the next day, and those 2 players will correspond to the 2 comments with more positive karma in this post.
The idea is to pick the best player (assuming healthy) among the ones in the actual poll, and the criteria is for this year. Basically, assuming healthy, I pick the players according to which ones I would pick first if building a teams for the playoffs.
Actual Ranking (Poll results)

  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo (2.14 average ranking, 44.8% 1st place, 105 voters)
  2. Kevin Durant (2.07 average ranking, 39.4% 1st place, 99 voters)
  3. Nikola Jokic (2.14 average ranking, 24.4% 1st place, 59 voters)
  4. LeBron James (1.91 average ranking, 51.0% 1st place, 98 voters)
  5. Stephen Curry (2.03 average ranking, 45.5% 1st place, 99 voters)
  6. Joel Embiid (1.55 average ranking, 62.1% 1st place, 58 voters)
  7. Kawhi Leonard (2.45 average ranking, 50.8% 1st place, 65 voters)
  8. James Harden (1.98 average ranking, 48.4% 1st place, 62 voters)
  9. Luka Doncic (1.99 average ranking, 60.7% 1st place, 84 voters)
  10. Jimmy Butler (3.58 average ranking, 14.1% 1st place, 85 voters)
  11. Trae Young (3.30 average ranking, 28.6% 1st place, 63 voters)
  12. Chris Paul (2.75 average ranking, 30.8% 1st place, 52 voters)
  13. Anthony Davis (3.12, 20.6% 1st place, 34 voters)
Also, by looking at the differences in average ranking and 1st place % in every poll, we can construct a tier list that so far looks like this:
Tier 1A = Giannis, KD, Jokic, LeBron
Tier 1B = Curry, Embiid
Tier 2 = Kawhi, Harden, Luka
Tier 3A= Jimmy Butler, Trae Young, Chris Paul, Anthony Davis
Where the difference between tiers A,B mean a player from tier A would be preferred in most cases, but because of fit it may be better to pick a player from tier B. So far tier 3 has been the most contested, which makes sense as players have a more similar value. During the last poll Kat was last so he leaves the poll, but Jayson Tatum and Zach LaVine join us. Today we seek the 14th best NBA player, and the link is:
Also, feel free to post names of players below so we select the next 2 to enter the voting. Please keep in mind that democracy will win, unless it is a trolling attempt, in which case I may consider not listening to the most voted suggestion (example: Bol Bol)
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2022.01.28 17:03 ThunderMite42 health food subreddit

with a bartered bride
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2022.01.28 17:03 kanhaaaaaaaaaaaa Kaido or Big Mom

Who would you rather fight? And why?
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2022.01.28 17:03 Puzzleheaded_Zone_80 Memphis and her under bite

Please see a doctor
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2022.01.28 17:03 facsis Looking for cockatiel near me

I'm living in Youngstown, Ohio and looking for a cockatiel, preferably lutino. I prefer adoption over breeder, but I found so limited options so breeder is okay too as long as the bird is weaned. Please comment!
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2022.01.28 17:03 Stoic-Dreamventurer Big-ish news! I now have a PayPal that is 100% under my control. —>>.

As well, my pen name shall be “John Stoic D.V.” All future payments to me are to be made to
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2022.01.28 17:03 ombresaco Attende Domine a 3 (en Esperanto)

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2022.01.28 17:03 theduchesspt Anyone looking for a sweet and snoking hot thick latina to have some online fun ? 🥵

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2022.01.28 17:03 FuzzyPineapple24 Marvel Collector Corp

Anybody have any idea when they’re going to announce what January’s pops are? I know they were supposed to come out today.
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2022.01.28 17:03 Skelator71 [FH5] [H] Lots of money [W] ‘32 Ford De Luxe Five Window Coupe Forza Edition

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2022.01.28 17:03 g4m3f33d Coromon - Official Release Date Announcement Trailer

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2022.01.28 17:03 Massive-Land-5021 UConn vs. Suffolk??

If I want to end up in Boston at a good/big firm, which option is better hypothetically? I received nearly full rides at both through merit scholarships, so I’m trying to compare them. I go to an undergrad in the Boston area and Suffolk doesn’t have the best reputation, so I’m just wondering what employment really looks like post-grad? Any chance of big law out of Suffolk if you’re the top of your class?
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2022.01.28 17:03 OpportunityGloomy573 Suggestions for better laptop

I want to buy a laptop for higher studies, Ram.8gb Rom.256gb Better performance processor Compact, Price range. $400-$500
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2022.01.28 17:03 InnocenceGem [GameNerdz] Altiplano (Deal of the Day) - $34.97

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2022.01.28 17:03 JadedMSK How long has this sub been in existence?

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2022.01.28 17:03 Stephenshywarrior Where To Start: THE PUNISHER! (Marvel Comics) | The 10 Best Comics For B...

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2022.01.28 17:03 Dane_Roissel I'm stuck in the freedom convoy' between Montreal and Ottawa

Also help
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2022.01.28 17:03 ironwillow He wanted the painting until he heard the price

So, I just finished a super cute Stitch painting that’s an 8x8 canvas, acrylic and glossed. I painted this with no particular customer in mind it was mostly because I thought it would be cute.
Well, I posted Stitch on my Instagram story (not finished) and an old friend of mine replied immediately saying he wanted it because his sister loves stitch. I said ok cool, just let me finish it.
I finish the painting and it looks FANTASTIC. Easily like my personal favorite painting I’ve ever done. I show it to him and he starts nitpicking small places, but I need the money so whatever. I fix whatever he was complaining about and send him a picture. He said it looks perfect and he was sorry he just has “OCD”.
So, finally I gloss the painting and take pictures and videos of it so I can eventually make prints. It all looks amazing. I post it on my Instagram for sale and he immediately messages me and says how much? I explain my pricing (CA min wage x hours worked) so it totaled out to $75 ($15x5). He says “oh, let me know if you get any other offers.”
Lol, ok. I kinda figured it was pricy but that also includes the canvas and the art supplies used. I just tell him ok, I get it. Art isn’t cheap so yeah whatever it sucks.
He says “I’d buy it for $40/$50.” Ugh
I told my sister and I was like man, maybe I should just do it. I’ve been painting as a hobby for about 10 years and I absolutely love it but maybe it’s not worth the $75. Like it is only 8x8 and he’s a friend.
She was adamant on saying “if he really wanted it and if he was your friend he would pay it.” She told me not to sell myself short that it’s a good painting. I just can’t help but think I’m selling it for too much but maybe he’s just a choosy beggar? Like who nitpicks a painting and then backs out when it’s “too expensive”? Idk man
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