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[LF] Ruby, Dotty, Carmen, Francine or Doc [FT] Bells

The first step towards benefiting from the Netstrata difference is to make an enquiry for an obligation free quote. Request a Quote. If you would like to visit us, scroll down to see our office locations.  ... Doc. Manuale Moodle 1.3 ... handhelds 317 329 communication previous 285 456 302 pixel_trans nov 264 buynow win32 index7 webinars fire merchant 351 earthweb 298 ruby whats_new creative trac 286 employers ... shellcode thisweek urregistered mambots projectors 739 h2 ft attractions 817 news_off YaBB nwshp aim confused page11 topleft ... Directory List 2.3 Medium - Free ebook download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read book online for free. jhjgh Alle aktuellen ganzen Folgen von den ProSieben-Sendungen kostenlos als Video online ansehen - hier gibt es sie im Überblick! Lesser Copyleft derivative works must be licensed under specified terms, with at least the same conditions as the original work; combinations with the work may be licensed under different terms 100k Terms - Free ebook download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read book online for free. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ASCII characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard); must contain at least 4 different symbols; Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted.

2022.01.28 17:25 AnimalCrossingSpareA [LF] Ruby, Dotty, Carmen, Francine or Doc [FT] Bells

Please lemme have my dream bunny island.
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2022.01.28 17:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - NYPD widow calls out DA: 'I hope he's watching' | CNN

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2022.01.28 17:25 ThrowawaySleepingPup My hair appointment is cancelled tomorrow because of the nor’easter and my stylist doesn’t have another opening for a month

I know this is such a first world problem but I gotta bitch about it somewhere. I have vivid hair, and if you don’t keep your vivid hair maintained I feel like it starts to look really bad. I specifically waited a long time from the last time I had it colored so I could go pastel this time, so it’s been looking pretty ragged for a while (it’s about 4 inches outgrown, and different shades of banana yellow to baby pink). My appointment tomorrow was an 8 hour appointment, which I know sounds insane, but that’s how long it takes to do really great vivid hair (she needs to double process my roots, strip out the pink and then we were doing a three toned color melt in blue, teal and like green). My girl is one of the best vivid stylists in our state so I wouldn’t consider going to someone else, hence why she is also quite booked up.
Goddamn storm, I guess I’ll sit her with my grown out hair for another month 😭
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2022.01.28 17:25 BigManLou162 SX-70 Sonar, 600 Round Frame with ND Filter, ITT Magicflash

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2022.01.28 17:25 NintendoGuyOg i made a flappy bird game but I don't know what to add next here is the game link

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2022.01.28 17:25 barakiu Californian Gov. said he'd make the state a no kill pet shelter state...2 entire years ago.

How can we waive this in the officials faces, across the nation and around the world???
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2022.01.28 17:25 slopepurpp Cap or nah

I know we are doing drug testing again soon but is it true thc is taken off random testing?
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2022.01.28 17:25 FromLuxorToEphesus Crowell Apartments, Des Moines, 1906

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2022.01.28 17:25 Arnadus Ethereum Adoption Is in Overdrive Despite Crypto Market Downturn: Altcoin Daily

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2022.01.28 17:25 MyNameIs-Anthony [I / V / R / W] Humble Bundle - Myst & More (Includes Obduction and a $10 USD off coupon for the MYST reboot)

[I / V / R / W] Humble Bundle - Myst & More (Includes Obduction and a $10 USD off coupon for the MYST reboot) submitted by MyNameIs-Anthony to vrgamedeals [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 17:25 Fast_Strike_5455 Nechci kecat ale můj kámoš asi má Black knith

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2022.01.28 17:25 luis-mercado What videogame sequel was better than the original?

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2022.01.28 17:25 postmastern Европейский солнечный зонд попал в хвост кометы Леонарда

Европейский солнечный зонд попал в хвост кометы Леонарда Зонд Solar Orbiter пролетел сквозь хвост кометы Леонарда. Об этом сообщает Европейское космическое агентство.
(с) ESA/Solar OrbiteMetis Team
В декабре 2021 года комета Леонарда прошла точку наибольшего сближения с Землей и была заметна невооруженным глазом. 3 января она прошла точку перигелия, и теперь должна покинуть Солнечную систему, став межзвездной кометой.
Зонд Solar Orbiter, запущенный в феврале 2020 года Европейским космическим агентством совместно c NASA для изучения Солнца, недавно пролетел сквозь хвост этой кометы. Зонд был запущен до открытия кометы в начале 2021 года, и потому пролет сквозь хвост случился исключительно в силу совпадения траекторий.
Эта удача дала ученым возможность исследовать состав частиц в этом хвосте и его магнитное поле. В свою очередь, это позволит астрономам изучить, как комета взаимодействует с солнечными ветром – потоком заряженных частиц с Солнца. Пересечение траектории было заранее предсказано Сэмюэлем Грантом, аспирантом Университетского колледжа Лондона, и потому ученые заранее подготовились к сбору данных.
Помимо данных о частицах хвоста, аппарат также получил серию изображений кометы. Черный круг в центре изображений – Солнце, закрытое коронографом, чтобы оно не засветило кадры.
Источник: НаукаГазетаРу
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2022.01.28 17:25 bahaisnaoebfisowns Deferred EA - when will I hear back?

Hi. I just got deferred today. I can’t find anything online about when decisions actually come out, other than that it’s before February. When have deferred decisions come out in the past? Are they rolling? More specifically, when did they come out last year?
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2022.01.28 17:25 Scipio555 Analyst Predicts PS5 Outsells Xbox 2:1

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2022.01.28 17:25 MacJennings Bobby V – Slow Down

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2022.01.28 17:25 AlcaldeVeteYa Mi novia y su amiga, se la cojerian? La mía es la de la derecha

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2022.01.28 17:25 feedimo Newcastle target Dan Burn and Eddie Nketiah in transfer push

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2022.01.28 17:25 PennyworthInvesting Mindset Pharma Enters Agreement to Produce MSP-1014 (Psilocybin)


Mindset Pharma entered into a pharmaceutical manufacturing agreement with a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), for the production of pharmaceutical grade batches of their drug candidate, MSP-1014 - an analog to psilocybin.
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2022.01.28 17:25 sunflowerworms Q: Why is OLS not linear?

I am using sm.OLS right now. In the past, when I do regression, I use R, so I am a little confused. Why is my OLS not linear (see bottom for example)?
Note: I have spent a ton of time online working on this, so while links are helpful, I have probably seen it!
I am using monthly 'new housing starts' data from FRED with seasonal dummies from 1959 to 2021.
Here is an example of my data:
0 1959-01-01 92.2 1 0 0 0
1 1959-02-01 99.6 1 0 0 0
2 1959-03-01 17.5 0 1 0 0
Here is my model / code:

model = sm.OLS(y, X) results = model.fit() results.summary() 
Here X contains the seasonal dummies, as seen above, and y contains the values of HOUS.
I used the OLS function from the statsmodels.api (but I also tried old from the statsmodels.formulas.api with no linear luck). Then, I used and plotted results.predict() , where I got a very non-linear line. For some reason, every season has its own linear line. I don't know why though. It is causing my graph to look absolutely insane and is useless for what I am trying to do (this is only an intermediate step for my end product).
Example from results.predict():
1961-09-01 134.842857
1961-10-01 120.868783
1961-11-01 120.868783
1961-12-01 90.333333
1962-01-01 90.333333

Note: this is for a homework assignment, so my general approach (using OLS, using dummies for seasons, etc.) cannot be changed.
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2022.01.28 17:25 fierychilli6 F35, girls night

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2022.01.28 17:25 tuckers_sugarbaby Alex Jones Apology

Inspired by a post on the main sub.
I think Alex Jones owes us all an apology. All those false predictions, all that fake outrage. All in the name of shilling boner pills. The man is a grifter. It's literally in the white papers that I always mention but never release!
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2022.01.28 17:25 Arnadus El Salvador’s President Responds to IMF After the Institution Advises Country To Drop Bitcoin As Legal Tender

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2022.01.28 17:25 Josh_The_Bakamon My very own guardian angel, or so I thought

When I was 11 or 12, my family moved to a house in some woods pretty close to the town. It was a lodge, wooden house. My two brothers, sister and dad. My mom was in another, similiar house next to ours as there wasn't enough space. In the first few days, it seemed good, safe and even free-er than usual. My dad worked on evenings so we'd be alone in our room doing homework, chatting, normal stuff. One evening, my dad was gonna stay 'till morning so me and my brother got his room. We were in the bed, trying to sleep. It was about 2AM when I heard footsteps next to the bedroom and thought it was my sister so I yelled "GO TO SLEEP SARAH". No response. The footsteps got closer to the door and it slowly opened. There was no one there. Then I heard footsteps next to the bed. I wasn't scared, I felt... safe. I felt like whatever that was was just checking up on me to see if I was okay. Footsteps stopped and the door closed. I fell asleep with a smile, I felt safer than ever. My dad came in the morning and I was already awake, watching TV on the couch. My dad asked me "Did mom check up on you durning the night as I told her?" and I found it being a strange opportunity. I answered "No, someone else did." My dad was confused, so he asked me who it was and I said I didn't know. We had a short laugh. The next night, everything over again, dad stayed at work until morning. This time, I purposely stayed up to repeat like last night. I heard a loud bang on the other side of the wall to my left. I screamed and that woke my brother up.
"Josh? What the hell just banged so fucking loud?" "I don't know! Let's check!" I was excited. "Josh, are you sane? It's 2 in the morning!" "I know... but I really wanna know what it was!" "Okay, let's go.. I'm gonna go first in case someone broke in."
He grabbed a random broom from next to the door and we went there. There was nothing there and everything was in place. I heard footsteps coming towards dad's room's door. "WAIT!", I yelled, knowing my brother heard it too.
"Josh, who are you talking to?" "I don't know, but I hear footsteps coming to our room, like last night. Whatever it was was next to me, checking up on me." "Are you sane, really? No, no, I believe you, but there's certainly a ghost in here or something."
We rushed to the room and went to bed. I suddenly felt unsafe. Really endangered, I felt like a sniperscope watched me. It felt so wrong, I felt safe the last time, right? The feeling of fright went through my body and suddenly... a smell of blood. Like something had just died. I fell asleep as if someone just strangled me. I wake up in the morning and go make a sandwich as I was starving. I saw something run to the kitchen before me and hear a thump as if someone fell.
"Sarah? Mike? Ian? Dad? Who is there? Are you okay?"
Then I stopped, no one there. I heard the breathing of about five people around me. I turn saying names of my family. My dad walks in.
"You called, bud? You need somethin'?" "No, dad.. Is mom here?" "No, she's over at her house." "Okay, um..."
Then I told him what was happening. He said he believed me so we sold the houses and moved. Since then, I felt safe. I prayed every morning for 3 years. I was terrified.
Now I am 21 years old, still talk with Sarah and Ian (not Mike, he died in a house fire) about that whenever we meet.
Can someone please, please tell me what the fuck that was? Should look further into it? Like, investigate?
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2022.01.28 17:25 Arch3ryAng3l89 [LTS] [PC] [Crossplay] [VoG] Changing Lives, One Raid At A Time

Well...today has come upon us and it is time to change another five lives today. I am looking to take five people through Vault of Glass who have not been through it in Destiny 2 yet.
All I ask of you is that you're at least close to 1320 power level and have a stable access to Discord. We'll be using Discord for voice chat during the raid and it has pictures and maps available for your use as I go through the mechanics.
Have a few hours to spare. Some teams have only taken 2 hours to get through the raid and others have taken 4+. Just depends on the team we end up with.
Post your Bungie ID below. I'll send a friend request in the game and DM you a link to the Discord server.
As a side note, the posts I have been making have been filling FAST. If I don't get back to you, just DM me and we can try to schedule a time to get you through the raid. I would love to get a chance to help everyone, but it's not possible with only one of me and five open slots per raid! :)
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