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Intern base level 3 challenge 2

2022.01.28 16:36 Jax_115 Intern base level 3 challenge 2

I've been trying for 2 days to figure this out and I even used the hint but I still don't get what I'm supposed to do. What am I supposed to do ?
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2022.01.28 16:36 Jax_115 Intern base level 3 challenge 2

I've been trying for 2 days to figure this out and I even used the hint but I still don't get what I'm supposed to do. What am I supposed to do ?
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2022.01.28 16:36 Jenn-vl 13 reasons why Jira is so popular

Here’s a look at the features that make most organizations, including countless Fortune 500 companies, seek Jira.
1. Jira is designed for agile teams Jira is based on Agile project management, which allows companies like Microsoft and Google to update their products very often, as opposed to taking years!
2. Jira is good at tracking projects Jira tracks ongoing projects at any stage, giving you visibility over all activities!

Jira gives visibility and collaboration across teams and departments:
3. You can track time in Jira with colors Jira uses 3 colors (blue, orange and green) to track the amount of time spent on any given issue, and you can access this in the time tracking section.
4. Jira offers many search options Find what you’re looking for easily
5. Reports in Jira are great Many reports are available in Jira, to give you stats for the entire lifecycle of your project.
6. Jira connects perfectly with Jira add-ons You can easily extend Jira’s possibilities and customize it so you can control everything about your project or product.
1,000+ Jira add-ons and plugins are available in the Atlassian Marketplace.
7. Jira integrates well with other products Jira integrates with GitHub, Slack, Trello, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Balsamiq, Zendesk, Tempo, Atlassian Confluence, Gliffy, and Bitbucket amongst others.
8. Jira works well with mobile apps Jira comes with native mobile apps, compatible with Android and iOS devices, which means that users can stay engaged regardless of where they are.
9. Jira security = work is clear Security levels can be assigned to specific team members so they’re the only ones involved with certain tasks (like bug tracking).
You can also make a set of permissions for any project.
10. Roadmaps for Jira make it easy Jira roadmaps allow you to create, handle, and visualize projects in a way that is simple and easy.
See the stages of your tasks, when they’re due, what’s missing and who’s in charge.
11. You can save time with Jira templates
You can create issues easily by using predefined templates for processes and tasks if you’re working with team-managed projects.
Plus, you can customize your own Jira issue and save it as a template for later.
12. The Jira dashboard is customizable You can customize your Jira dashboard based on how you want to see things, and what elements you’d like to display.
The dashboard will typically display the info you need access to, to support your team in tracking project progress.
13. Jira is great for portfolio management
Portfolio for Jira gives you a bird’s eye view of all your projects (including tasks, sprints and so on).
Arrange your work by themes and initiatives (in a hierarchy), and plan work based on team capacity.
If you are a Jira Beginner, take a look at this free Jira Guide for Beginners with Everything you need to know about Jira!,
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2022.01.28 16:36 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Big call buying in this airline ETF ¦ CNBC on Youtube

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2022.01.28 16:36 WoolooMVP10 Question about Alvis (Spoiler Warnings)

When the Definite Version of Xenoblade 1 came out, Alvis' necklace was changed from wearing a key to a Core Crystal to line up with his brother and sister and Xenoblade 2 who also wore the same Cross-shaped Crystals on their chest. That said, exactly what was the key meant to be back in Xenoblade 1's original release? It's like the Ice Key from Banjo Kazooie if you know what I mean.
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2022.01.28 16:36 Cammmin2nd Introducing FaZe GABI

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2022.01.28 16:36 BudgieBirb1 If the Confederacy was in Korea, this is what the flag may look like

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2022.01.28 16:36 zztop610 What are the things you wish were unbreakable?

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2022.01.28 16:36 WatercressAny7241 Looking for Halloween/spooky items or DIYs!

Trying to make a spooky library! Does anyone have any Halloween DIYs or items?
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2022.01.28 16:36 financeworld7 How long does tapenade last in the fridge?

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2022.01.28 16:36 sumiresbees Dragon Stone Shrine

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2022.01.28 16:36 ESPECTRAL72 Need help finding a game

I can't remember the name nor the developers, I just remember the style and gameplay. It was basically an indie about a child who could transform into a lung dragon and fly over the clouds, and there were boss fights like the ones from Shadow of the Colossus. It was kind of like AER Memories of the old, same graphic style and similar gameplay.
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2022.01.28 16:36 FailedAbortion_420 My little doggo shot a commercial

His appearance in it is rather short, but we are so very proud of him. If you wanna watch it, it's called You got this, Dan and it's by Trivago, but like I said, you can only see him for a short amount of time in it. Go, little doggo!
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2022.01.28 16:36 mr_lonely_fox Anyone like to talk about Isha Jain and fap. DM me

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2022.01.28 16:36 TO-Sports-fan Ontarians need to reconsider the legal process

I’m not usually one to rant or give some sob story but we really need to give our legal system a real hard look at. And before you type in the comments “you shouldn’t have broken the law” that’s not the point I’m going to be making. End of the day, the court is going to decide if what I did was illegal or not and we’ll let that process play out.
So anyways I was out late last night getting some food as I just wrapped up an intense study session and was starving. On my way home I’m driving on a 2 lane country road with a vehicle infront of me driving particularly slower than usual on that road (about 3-5km/h under the limit). Long story short I go to speed up and pass and the vehicle a good amount of ways infront of him was an opp cruiser. I obviously immediately get pulled over and informed I’m being charged with stunt driving. My first response is there’s no way I was going fast enough to constitute a stunt driving charge. The speed I would have needed to achieve his alleged claim I would have needed to have floored it for 10-15 seconds which just wasn’t possible given the time frame. Long story short my vehicle gets impounded, my license suspended and now I’m in a really tough position because Ontario has a guilty until proven innocent stance and gives police officers the power to change peoples lives forever. Now again if the officer has valid proof and can use that in a court of law then I’ll admit wrong doing. And in this case the officer claimed one speed and then when I asked, he showed me a different speed instead (lower but still).
Not sure how many of you understand radar but it can be extremely difficult to accurately pick up a reading when you’re not accurately looking at the target. On top of that it can also pick up reflections from multiple different surfaces including an intersection behind us in which the speed limits are considerably faster. But the short story here is without a clear visual estimate of the target, you can never be certain beyond reasonable doubt where the reading is coming from. Again I’m coming up on the officer not behind.
Now the charge has been laid it’s up to the courts to decide if I’m guilty or not. But here’s where my issue is. I’m now out of a license for 30 days, a vehicle for 14 days, significant upfront fees ($2k for impound, $300 for license, loss of vehicle and any financial benefit that provides and significant increase in transportation). You might think well sucks to suck shouldn’t have done that but again the issue is I haven’t been found guilty of the charge. It’s one thing to issue an appearance for court but now on the likely chance (I’ll explain in a minute) it gets dropped I’m still on the hook for something that I didn’t do.
Now why is this such a difficult situation for me? Well 5 months ago I decided to quit my only post undergrad job to pursue a charterholder in finance. I’m still a relatively recent grad of 2 years and I carry some significant student debt. Unfortunately I really haven’t been able to get any real job though I had been working significantly throughout my undergrad. My first one was pretty lousy, not the experience I was looking for and pay that was just unsatisfactory. So I decided I needed to pursue additional education to help get my career going. I knew the exam would be extremely difficult and would require a significant amount of study time so I took a huge risk in quitting my job to study for it. Obviously in the months upcoming I’ve basically just been incurring more debt to survive while occasionally working part time. Well now that test I’ve spent many hours and took a big risk to pass is all for not. My license is no more and I don’t have a vehicle. The test centre is more than 100km away and I’m from an area where public transport just really isn’t possible to get there. On top of that I have well over $2k in fees adding to my crippling debt levels. And that still doesn’t include lawyer fees and whatever comes from this trial (again I’m not saying what I did wasn’t wrong).
I’m now in a position where I risked everything for something that’s out of my control now. And the worst part about all this? The officer said on the scene that he wouldn’t reduce it by 6km/h because the jurisdiction I reside in is really lenient on stunt driving even after explaining my situation. My lawyer even told me he has an excellent relationship with the jp and it probably won’t stick. So because Ontario has deemed me guilty before the courts, I’m now at the point of declaring bankruptcy and basically losing everything I worked for. I really don’t know where to go from here or if I can even find a way to continue on. I’m not suicidal but the thought has unfortunately crossed my mind several times already. I’m consistently taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Not only am I out all the impound and license fees but now I’m out thousands on a test I can’t even write. Had I not been living with family this would have put me on the streets (probably back into the legal system too) and I can only imagine how other Ontarians in similar situations feel. While I don’t recommend ever being in a situation where a few thousand dollars is going to destroy your life but I reckon there’s many more people out there particularly us younger fresh grads with crippling debt who really can’t afford to be put in a situation like this.
Should I have been speeding? Probably not. Should I be forced to basically pay thousands on roadside for a charge I haven’t been proven of committing? Probably not.
I want this post to be a reminder that sometimes life really sucks. Sometimes you’re left in a vulnerable position and up to the mercy of 1 individual. Don’t be me and screw up your life as much as I have. But I also think we really need to talk about if this truly is in the best interest of society. And hey it’s Friday afternoon so enjoy your weekend 😃
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2022.01.28 16:36 Bomboclaat_Babylon Canada's Olympic men's hockey team is light on big names, but 2 stand out

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2022.01.28 16:36 Maddyinthemoring1212 Brand recommendations?/ need help understanding some things..

Hello, so I’m need some help on which substrate I should choose for my future planted betta tank, I’m curious about the best types of substrate and which types of beginner friendly plants would be great, I also ordered a sponge filter, stuff that it needs, I’m having a hard time understanding everything, I’m currently just buying the equipment I need so that I can learn once I have everything. ( equipment wise, once I understand everything I’ll be buying the substrate and plants last.) thanks for all your help guys!
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2022.01.28 16:36 anonimalman Driver falsely reporting passenger not wearing mask

So I was riding with my wife and after the ride I got an email that the driver reported me falsely for not wearing a mask.
Is there a financial incentive for the driver to do this?
What annoys me is I tipped during the ride and I’m trying to contact Lyft to remove it.
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2022.01.28 16:36 slym444 HK Mk 23 Level 2 Holster from Off The Grid Concepts

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2022.01.28 16:36 Zealousideal-Ad-7442 Asymptomatic?

I was in close contact with a roommate (1) whose symptoms appeared 1-2 day later after being close together. My other roommate (2) was also in contact with the person who infected roommate (1) but did not test positive. It’s been 7 days now in isolation and I feel fine with no symptoms. Could I be asymptomatic or just lucky?
I am going to say I am a presumed positive because of my contact and still waiting until 10 days as said by CDC.
I am going to get tested this weekend. Fully Vaxxed with booster.
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2022.01.28 16:36 organcore isn't always orange some times

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2022.01.28 16:36 Rorodatone Time to rip!!!

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2022.01.28 16:36 j_p_e_g Trenton avenged! British dominance over North America following the treaty of Ottawa (1822)

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2022.01.28 16:36 Ali-juve56 🤣🤣

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2022.01.28 16:36 L0raz-Thou-R0c0n0 Ra Ra Maugan Ra, Lover of the Aeldari Queen.

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