Let me play little one

2021.10.18 07:03 Galaxy01500 Let me play little one

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2021.10.18 07:03 Coffee-and-correne I think the Disney obsession everyone has is ridiculous.

I just. Don’t. Get it!!! Sure some Disney movies are good, but are they really THAT good? The people who own everything Disney related, play whole ass Disney soundtracks and buy those $80 backpacks drive me insane. I just don’t understand the appeal. I can’t be the only one right?
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2021.10.18 07:03 pupsickIe my friend had a really bad split and i dont know if this is my fault

me and my friend who ill call C both have bpd. last saturday i told him in the morning that i didnt want to go out with a friend (M) that day because i was tired. later in the day M talks to me and i change my mind, deciding i do want to go. C is in a very bad place, currently having a deppressive episode and i know that. i was trying to comfort him and have been trying to for the past week or two.
so i go out with the friends annd find out C has relapsed. he relapsed after being clean for more than a year over me hanging out with a friend, and i cant tell if this is my fault. he had a really bad split so i think it was caused by this but he was really pissed at me for going, saying i lied to him and that i broke his trust. i still cant help but feel like im the reason he relapsed. im the reason he broke his clean streak of !! more than a year !!
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2021.10.18 07:03 Geddy87 What is a reasonable number to shoot for to be able to retire comfortable.

I have read that the cost of inflation is higher than normal so if this continues than obviously what’s comfortable to live on now won’t be comfortable or maybe even liveable in 30 years etc. But what I’d like to know is what is considered the average one should have by the time they retire ?
Let’s take away some variables. Let’s hypothetically say the person retiring is in average health, with their house paid off, not looking to have fancy sports cars or extravagant hobbies or expenses.
comfortable in this scenario would be being able to live without stress of paying bills and could take a vacation a year, provide normal meals and do the odd extra like take out or dinner out once a week, movies or a sports event a month etc .
I’m not set to retire for 30 years but a divorce, some unexpected medical bills etc have knocked me back further than where I’d like to be Savings wise at this stage , just seeing what a pretty standard number is and how far behind I am.
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2021.10.18 07:03 alle15minuten Gerade ist es October 18, 2021 at 07:03AM

Gerade ist es October 18, 2021 at 07:03AM
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2021.10.18 07:03 TouchMyStamen [LF] White rattan set [FT] bells or NMTS

Looking. For the white rattan set to catalog. Lmk what you want either bells or NMTS(since that’s all I have).
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2021.10.18 07:03 BadRefrigerator That's a good impression

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2021.10.18 07:03 CrimsonPablo Its about time

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2021.10.18 07:03 hinsoncharity Hi! Does anyone know why this lead has these weird wrinkle bumps?

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2021.10.18 07:03 emi-llyy i need some karma

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2021.10.18 07:03 CathBat Sometimes, my genius... is almost frightening. I literally just forgot to translate a word lol

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2021.10.18 07:03 DragOverlordthepill New Video Walkthrough of Official English Website, Demo Decks News, and GIVEAWAY!

Hello Selectors!
My friend released another video doing a walkthrough of the Official WIXOSS English website, as well as announcing some news that you may not have known about the demo decks. There's also a giveaway in this video, so be sure to watch it!
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2021.10.18 07:03 VCinteriors How can a top interior designer in trivandrum increase the value of your home?

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2021.10.18 07:03 ItzVixions Requesting Bereavement Extension

For context: ** https://www.reddit.com/HomeDepot/comments/q6isp3/how_to_request_bereavement/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share **
Things haven't been the greatest this past last week. Depression's kicked up and the family has been scrambling to get shit sorted out. The funeral is tomorrow and I'm in no right mind to be going into work without breaking down.
I'm just going to keep this brief because I feel like I'm just running in circles at this point: is there any way to take the rest of the week off? I'm still on my paid bereavement until tomorrow, and was told by my area supervisor to call the attendance line if I still need more time, but I dont know if that's just another word for calling out or something...
All I know for certain though is that I will be calling the THD Counseling services to talk with someone once I'm home...
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2021.10.18 07:03 chilehead The killer leaned down and kissed his bound victim on the lips before finishing them off.

Little did he know that by doing so, he became infected with the larvae that he only just barely beat to ending his victim's life.
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2021.10.18 07:03 Phatlantica Well, looks like even the big streamers want a re-launch.

Shroud and company just called for a re-launch of the game, or at least a total halt on wars with the exploits going on (invincibility, continued ability to force-lag).
People have gone from owning 7 territories to losing them all in a day due to exploits in wars, etc. They need to disable wars at the very least, if not wipe the servers (but keep everyone's levels and mastery?)
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2021.10.18 07:03 RiaxIrosa Can you craft rescue becons?

I'm still raising my research level but keep getting stomped by good teams or ruined by bad teammates, so I've just been frantically looking for for rescue becons and Evacing as soon as I can, but a lot of matches no becon.
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2021.10.18 07:03 Uncle-Benderman About deathslinger

He's literally the weakest, worst, most useless killer in this entire game, why the hell is he getting nerf? He needed a buff, and a massive one at that, I have played every killer at least a few times and I have gotten 4ks with every killer except for Blight and I accept that with blight it's because I'm bad (and don't have much practice i played him on a friend account) but I actually have Deathslinger, and I've played him a good bit, I have to FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL TO GET A SINGLE KILL. what the actual fuck is behavior thinking.
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2021.10.18 07:03 izperehoda Greek mythology explanation

For those who didn't read about Odysseus, basically he decided to pull a devious lick on Poseidon's son by stealing his cheese and bread and shit. Poseidon's son, who also happened to be a cyclops, was notably furious when he found his supplies of bread and smegma ravished. So, being a cyclops, found it pretty poggers to eat Odysseus's men for being an asshole. A few days later and multiple men died, Odysseus had the idea of getting this cyclops drunk as fuck. Odysseus gave the Cyclops some mean lean, and the Cyclops was conked out. They then got a big sharp stick, and decided to play "Eject the Imposter" with the Cyclops' eye being the imposter and the big sharp stick being the eject button. Since the Cyclops was so sus for murdering blue and purple, he was ejected from his own eyesight. Notably angered at this light punishment, he decided to kill everyone once more. One thing about this fat fucking blind cyclops is that he was a sheep farmer, and milked the sheep for the cheese he had. So, Odysseus, being the sussy little baka he is, grabbed on to the bottom of the sheep, so when they went out to graze on that loud, the Cyclops wouldn't know that they were leaving to. And so, with the exception of a brave flute player who distracted the Cyclops with his sick replay of "The World On Fire", everyone escaped who made it that far on being alive. Then, Odysseus got on his ship with his men, and the Cyclops came running out because he was extremely pissed that his only form of man meat just left. Him, being blind and stupid, decided to throw boulders all willy nilly trying to knock the casting ship into the ocean below. He didn't hit, because of his blindness, and Odysseus decided to mock him for being a dumb fuck, and said out his own name to be like "Haha dumb bitch we knew you were sus". So, the Cyclops, being the son of a god, decided to say to Poseidon, the moderator of the sea, "They we're posting memes in general" and Poseidon had to set the ban hammer on Odysseus, which was basically causing him hell for around 2 years of his life and 20 years for everybody else. And that is the story of Odysseus.
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2021.10.18 07:03 4j2905 Gregor moment!

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2021.10.18 07:03 Mr8RFAN هووم...

بچه ها چی میشه که استودیو موجانگ ماب وت نذاره و همشو بیاره تو بازی؟ چون خیلی ماب های خوبی تا الان بودن و اضافه نشدن هعییب
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2021.10.18 07:03 rydamusprime17 I found my First Edition copy of The Jedi Masters Quizbook, and one of the questions reminded me something about Palpatine...

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2021.10.18 07:03 OnIySmeIIz Dating older woman

I don't know if this is the place to ask. It is more of an observation I made. My friends all are in their mid-thirties and apparently it seems to be the case that a lot of them are dating older woman. Whilst I think people should do what ever they want, it is in at least two cases a very repulsive sight to witness.
One of my friends I know for a very long time always dated younger girls and some hot ones to! Right now he has a great job, a good house, his shit in check. He's a good funny guy with lots of friends and I've travelled a lot with him and always he ended up with some random local girl that was always very hot.
Also he had some long-term relationships with a few decent girls who were all very attractive and younger than him.
Right now he is dating a woman for at least a year now and she is everything he didn't date in the past. This lady is about ten years older, does not speak the language. From what I can understand this is all gibberish whenever she talks, I can't make anything from it.
She is a good woman in general but holy shit she is old man. Physically, saggy tits, she has a moustache, bad teeth and her skin is very loose. I think the she really closely resembles the appearance of Consuela de le Morrela and then there is he, the guy physically in shape, lots of money, everything good, good traits, nice humor.
I bet at least a few people will curse me because of this, find me rude and a dickhead but holy shit I just can't make it out in my head. It does not make sense at all? I doubt if she is even fertile? Why wouldn't he just fuck a bunch of hot girls? He is on the top of his game right now but I'm too afraid to ask because he's my friend and I think he needs to do what ever he wants.
But this does not feel right.
The same goes for another friend. I think he is a great guy I really think it's the sweetest man on earth. But now he started dating a woman in her fourties and when I met her on a party she was all out on how she met him. Went on six dating apps, paid good money to meet him and she's now pinning him to her like he's the prize. Of course he is, but when I listen to her, she isn't nice at all and she sound very bitter as if she is mad about the fact that she's getting older. Her ex is an obvious bitch and she has this very cynical laughter. I don't think she's nice, I think she is a sour grape, as if life has been sucked out of her and I feel she is very resentful and out to do harm to get what she wants.
Maybe it's me, but I don't like the feeling. In general these two ladies are way older than they dated previously and I don't see the balance I'm used to.
I wish them both of my friends nice girls. The sweet, kind and caring, innocent type of girl, the one you fall in love with and you plan your life with as it being an adventure. And maybe I am romanticizing and maybe this doesn't exist any more after high school, but still.
I was dating a rather younger girl and I just noticed a great difference in motivation. She doesn't want to have kids, she want to bond and experience life. She is still working on her career and other stuff and tried to figure out how we should do things together and she was young and vital and everything.
We've broken up, tho.
I don't know what my question is. I just think dating younger girls is more of a natural thing to do. The age-gap does not to have to be that big of a deal. Girls younger than me are more vital, full of life and and passion, capable of adapting, way more energetic, way more fun, etc.
I am 35 right now and I would and I would say I prefer to date girls in the range of ten years younger. That would be fine and I don't see anything bad about it. I just don't get it how guys can date significantly older woman.
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2021.10.18 07:03 CrabbyBumpick Would you be happy with Mike Shildt as manager?

Imagining this in a vacuum where money/contract isn't a concern, coaching staff is equivalent, and no other options are being considered, would you be happier with Joe Girardi or Mike Shildt as manager for the 2022 season?
Lest we be hasty, Joe does have a track record of winning in the major leagues. It was just a long time ago.
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2021.10.18 07:03 dfdfdfddaww takt look-alikes

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