Cutworms and budrot - a cautionary tale

2021.09.25 02:53 Fapperson- Cutworms and budrot - a cautionary tale

This is my third year growing and I have ran into at least 1 new problem every year; fungus gnats, aphids, bud rot, the weather not cooperating and cutting off our season, and nutrient deficiencies - all good learning experiences but this year was the worst by far.
Everything was going very well this season, we got some seedlings sprouted early from last year's seeds - the ones that made it had amazing genetics, the weather was great, we were able to reverse some yellowing from nutrient deficiencies, and we were getting some huge buds. All around awesome year, then bud rot started popping up. I caught it early so we trimmed off the affected buds to prevent the spread, but every other day there'd be another bud with early stage rot.
I decided to trim a bit more aggressively and start on a staggered harvest to make sure we get all of the bud rot out of there, cutting off 1ft sections from the bigger colas. As we were combing through the first round of harvested buds and salvaging what we could, we kept finding caterpillars nestled inside the buds near the rot. I looked up "Caterpillar bud rot" or something to that effect and realized these little fuckers are called cutworms, I'm not sure how they spread it; maybe the spores stick to their feet, maybe they lower the plant's immune system when munching making them susceptible to even just a couple rogue spores, I have no clue.
All I do know is that there is no way we can save the plants by doing a staggered harvest (even with how early stage the rot is) because these little bastards are going to continue the spread every day, at this point all we can do is harvest the entire crop and salvage what we can. It's a good learning experience but fuck man, what a shame.
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2021.09.25 02:53 cyclinginvancouver David Cochrane on Twitter - The Michaels are coming home! Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig are on a plane that just cleared Chinese air space. They will be in Canada by Saturday.

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2021.09.25 02:53 elegantloveglimmer Mirror and checking the sizes (Art by 桜の灯る日へ🌸)

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2021.09.25 02:53 saywhar Any tickets... Tickets for sale? [ATN London]

Saw these have already sold out!
Just need one ticket for myself and completely missed this golden opportunity to nab them earlier. If anyone has a spare or knows someone's aunt's neighbour who might have one going, let me know :)
Huge fan of the heroes for years now and it would be incredible to see Tugboat, the Quiet Storm and 60% G in person
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2021.09.25 02:53 cgtz141 Woodside pubs

Hey anyone who wants to hang after and aren’t from NYC get off at Woodside and barhop. It’s the Queens drinking are. Do it!!!!
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2021.09.25 02:53 beno000 Go dogs 🐶

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2021.09.25 02:53 VPM1991 If a Chicken is Named Karen...

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2021.09.25 02:53 Spirited-Ad-4727 🌟 BigSwede! 🌟 A new community and purpose driven BSC token project launching TODAY! Doxxed team 🤝

BigSwede is a Swedish-based BSC Token. Our purpose is to create better conditions for the planet and humans. We do this by supporting and create our own projects that have a clear focus on climate and socio-economic challenges.
Website : ( coming soon )
Deep in the Swedish woods lives the king of the forest, BigSwede. A great moose with a big crown protecting his surroundings and nature. BigSwede has started to notice that people don’t care enough about our climate and have started to become furious about the people of the world not doing enough to keep the planet sustainable. Join us on our mission to help BigSwede feel better about our world and the people in it by giving back to the place where we all grew up, there is still time to bring back the climate and BigSwedes mood!
🌳 Climate focused token with real use case.
🤝Rugproof - Lock will be on unicrypt.
✅ 100% Verified Contract.
🐳 Anti-whale measures to prevent dumping, MaxTX and Max Wallet.
🕵️‍♂️Doxxed Team
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Community driven
🔄 5,000,000,000 total supply
💰6% buy tax/ 6% sell tax
💸5/7% Redistribution to holders
✨5% Marketing & Development
📶1/7% To buyback protocol
Website : ( coming soon )
📝Contract Address: 0x8872e892e2b8ef0d51eb9e6f25f57edbb9777aaa
💲Pancakeswap :
💲Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.25 02:53 KekistansLostChild Where can I buy Molex Cables/Connectors locally?

Started a lockdown project and I think I am almost finished. Restoring an old broken Dancing Stage machine in my living room, down to the last bit of work. Anyone know a place that does custom molex cables and connectors?
Soon as I get that I am (hopefully) sure it will be ready and working. Failing that something like Molex-USB-Molex might work, or a 16pin to 12 pin converter. Basically I need a small mom and pop computer shop. Perfectly happy to travel anywhere north or south to get them. Thanks :)
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2021.09.25 02:53 -Nocturnum- 27 [M4A] 😶

Looking to meet new people that can actually keep a conversation going. Can talk about whatever. Art, gaming, anime, life etc. I'm down for whatever. 😊
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2021.09.25 02:53 ZackMeme Looking to commission someone for GBA (Fe8) Style Portrait Sprite(s)

If you know anyone who can do such commissions, please point me in the right direction. (If possible, discuss prices in dms)
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2021.09.25 02:53 Available_Bird Queen

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2021.09.25 02:53 CrimsonGlyph Quest 2 games won't install updates

I have a few games that say "Update available" on them, but when I click them and hit "Update now", nothing happens. Not sure what to do. They've been like that for at least a month.
I've tried restarting and such, but nothing seems to change anything.
I know one of the games is Pavlov Shack VR, and I believe the other is PokerStars VR.
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2021.09.25 02:53 SKIBVS Started watching 😏

So it all started back in middle school when i use to be able to bust nuts on a daily which was like 4 years ago now im a senior with no job but anyways i remember watching the old videos of you guys doing public pranks when you guys where only in Canada and then when that bou steve came in the picture the videos started getting crackin and also that foo salami is doing some funny ass empresions (idk how to spell) but honestly i like what steve and nelk is doing and how they are expanding across the nation and giving back to people i don’t think i’ve missed a video yet but anyways uhhh thanks for reading and if the homies see this I DONT LIKE FAT GIRLS no disrespect they just not my type ps~ that boi skibvs
written on a nintendo 3ds
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2021.09.25 02:53 Justln_A fnf arsenal sus

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2021.09.25 02:53 hmmvsc finally a worthy opponent

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2021.09.25 02:53 Geek_asaurus_Rex Am I missing something ...

I am 6 months into a 5yr fixed at 1.76%, but was offered a variable at 1.18% (prime minus 1.27%) today. Considering my fees for breaking my existing mortgage are around $2,200 should I just take this deal and run? I can't see this being a poor choice unless we have a crazy fast recovery and the BoC raises rates at a record pace. It just doesn't seem plausible given how sensitive Canadian debts are to interest rate increases. Tell me I am crazy.
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2021.09.25 02:53 pretty_boy_demon need smth sweet and I'm fucking tired of cereal kms

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2021.09.25 02:53 Realistic-Net2510 Just going to leave this right here.

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2021.09.25 02:53 Business-Food5009 Wie samen fappen

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2021.09.25 02:53 Oxthale 19 [R4A] Looking for Finance Advisor/Mentor for free services

I’m looking for a finance advisor that doesn’t take charges for advices. I mean, I don’t really have the cents to pay, I just need someone I can talk with regarding my financial obligations, if I’m the doing the right or wrong thing to do. Like I can consult to hehim whenever I have this doubts in my finance path. I have been doing researching but I need atleast someone to help me with this. Strictly SFW.
I can be your mentees, I wouldn’t disrespect your time, I just need consulting.
About me:
Freshman college in prelaw course No work / mum’s dependent Manila loc Into stocks, crypto and business Willing to learn
About you:
Preferably 25-30 age Willong to offer service for free Knows advanced knowledge in finance & stocks Has profession
We can negotiate more of this in DMs. We can talk via Viber. I’m looking forward to hear from you!
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2021.09.25 02:53 _Headline_Bot_ (September 13, 2021) The Unsolved Murder of Tupac Shakur: Untangling the Many Conspiracy Theories Regarding the Rapper's Death

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2021.09.25 02:53 workingconfused Didn’t buy it… but now that I’m obsessed with my NBC hunt I’m just spotting them

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2021.09.25 02:53 zhengomono Almost got impaled there

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2021.09.25 02:53 horizons21 I was on lexapro for 8 days and had hellish nausea. I’m off of it now for two days and I’m wondering how long for it to leave my system?

I have on and off tingling, a little bit of depersonalization, and my nausea isn’t back to pre-lexapro levels. How long should I expect it?? I saw withdrawal can take 3 months but I only took it for a week at 5mg! 😭
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