Problem in the anime section of the season

2021.09.25 01:56 FaneDOS Problem in the anime section of the season

Problem in the anime section of the season When I enter on myanimelist using Google Chrome the season section looks like this
Mozila sometimes has this problem too, Opera only works if I use logged off.
This started happening 1 week ago, I cleared the cache, reinstalled chrome, but it didn't work for me.
Can anyone help me, please?
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2021.09.25 01:56 theobjectivegeek Lin Supremacy

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2021.09.25 01:56 gafsmiester [WTS] ·RA-535 FCG ·New 510c Green w 1/3 Riser ·Midwest QD 1/3 RMR Mount ·metal busset $30 (PA)

Good evening friends, all sub rules and etiquette apply. No notes ever. I just bought a PST 5-25 so take my stuff.
Everything is New except the Midwest Industry which has been mounted with but is saltless.
· Brand New 510c Green WITH 1/3 Riser package $300(More photos available upon request. It's just that new) Don't want the riser with it? Ugggghhh jk don't care $285
·Midwest Industry 1/3cowit Quick Detatch RMR Footprint Mount. Basically saltless but has been mounted with so there is picatinny marks on the underside shown in photos. $60
·Brand New Rise Armament RA-535 fcg $190
Ozark? Metal flip up sights. Look new to me. $30
Have a great night, thanks for looking.
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2021.09.25 01:56 Staxjr The devil really came through for my eevee 😈😈 Great league battlers be prepared!

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2021.09.25 01:56 kermankl00 History of zeus

Hello m'ladys, today i'm going to tell you the story of ZEUS
Born in creta the most sensual god, it's the son of a titan (Cronos) He eat his sons but her mom manages to hide him. Grows up in a cave and a goat suckles him. He trains with the idea of ​​defeating cronos.
Zeus gives his father a potion and his children vomit. Zeus and with his brothers left him locked in the tartarus, the whole world was distributed to hades and poseidon, he stays on Olympus where he begins to (censured) incontrollably.
He tries with his sister, but she rejects him more than once, but in the end he cheats on her and marries him. Zeus considers being married is no reason not to be a Casanova, Zeus spawns many children and with them also (censured)
That eagle that goes for you, IS ZEUS The rain of gold that falls on you, IS ZEUS. That swan that passes by, IS ZEUS, and your friend forever Oh Yeah IS ZEUS
Zeus became his brother for hir daugther can (censured) And with his ant he (censured) for 9 days without stop.
Zeus, although your mother hid it, it was the milkman. Zeus today he can be in your classroom, impersonating your dog.
well, the moral is that you do not eat your children or they will become processional incestor (Poseidon is equal to or worse than Zeus and Hades married his niece)
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2021.09.25 01:56 Aqua_Mix2021 Cycling my 65L, low tech tank. Any suggestions for a full spectrum light is appreciated and not to pricey.

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2021.09.25 01:56 DraftDayGuru Los Angeles Chargers Matchup: Getting To Know The Kansas City Chiefs

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2021.09.25 01:56 Lower-Eye-7233 I have been grinding for 5 hours and I still have not even found a perk I've unlocked on the bloodweb

I can't do it anymore, I'm mentally and physically exhasted and I still haven't even unlocked the yellow variant of it, it's ridiculous.
Something really needs to be done about this its killing me
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2021.09.25 01:56 versipelis 28 [M4F] St. Louis - Looking for dating, relationship, see what happens!

Hello! I am 28 years old, a PhD student studying computational biology, specifically bacteria and viruses in the human gut. I have degrees in computer science and bioinformatics, so kind of weird mix of computers and biology. I also have a pretty diverse range of interests in history, theology, music (specifically Jazz, which is the best form of music ever created.)
Outside of my work/school I love photography, particularly animals, which is helped by the free zoo we have here in the city. I also love coffee and before the end of the world, really enjoyed going to visit all the great local coffeeshops we have here. I also make melty bead art, often science themed.
I'm looking for a driven life partner who wants to get the most out of life, maybe travel (if the world stops ending), build a nice life, and have fun. I don't really want kids, both because I want to be free to travel and do what I want in life and because I have plenty of health problems that no child needs to inherit. (Feel free to ask about the health stuff if you are interested, I am an open book.)
I hope to hear from some of you! I would like to find someone local who I can actually meet, but I'll talk to anyone really. ☺
Here's a photo!
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2021.09.25 01:56 Cayloony Partner keeps overstepping boundaries

Hey friends! 19/F here and my partner of two years 18/M is getting a little too close to my bestfriend of 5 years. For a little background, my bestfriend and I have been friends for longer than my partner and I have talked and dated for as we all met in school and graduated together. During grade 11/12 my boyfriend and I started becoming really close as friends and eventually started dating. My best friend, also had feelings for him at the time so it was really uncomfortable for sometime. Anyway fast forward to now, they’ve started to become really close. At parties they always hang out and my boyfriend says he’s really close to my best friend because she’s a “neutral perspective” for his troubles and feels more comfortable talking to her then he does me, which kind of arised my suspicions. He’s always struggled with opening up and has lied quite a bit in our relationship about small things here and there, so I’ve got a lot of self doubt at the moment and trust issues. He always seems to flirt or get too close to other girls at times and forget that I’m there and lately it feels like I’m having to ask him to do simple romantic things like hold my hand or if I look pretty. And there was one weekend where we went away with our group of friends and he hung out with her nonstop. I’ve spoken to him about it and how it makes me feel and he’s reassured me that there’s nothing going on and they’re just friends but I asked him to just keep his distance for awhile and he agreed. Turns out two days ago, we all went to a mates house and he seemed to be keeping his distance which I appreciated and told him so, he ended up dropping one of our other friends off and then driving alone in the car together which my best friend told me. I can’t help but just feel kinda stabbed in the back? Like we both set boundaries and he just couldn’t help himself? I don’t want to be the crazy girlfriend and I couldn’t give less of a shit if he hangs out with girls, but I’d just prefer it be done in group settings rather than solo, especially given the past. I do trust them but deep down I feel like somethings just not right. And anytime I try to get him to open up he always blames it on stress as to why he can’t or that he struggles with it. I love him so much and we have more good days than bad, and I’ve spoken to my best friend about it and she says she’s got her eye on someone at uni but I just can’t shake the feeling! Do I just ignore my gut or what? I want to say something to him but I just don’t know how to word it and he is a sensitive person but he’s gotta be accountable too ya know?
TL;DR: asked my boyfriend to back off from my best friend for a while as he tends to give her far too much attention. After setting boundaries, he went and broke mine by driving with her alone. What do i do?
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2021.09.25 01:56 dasCKD Vellexia bug?

I selected the mission to go on a date with Vellexia in the battlebliss arena. I went there, found her there, and I can't interact with her. Does anyone know what I can do about this? Is this a bug other people have seen? Have you tried doing something about it?
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2021.09.25 01:56 edwardtemple Big Takeaways

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2021.09.25 01:56 L0rd_Parzival That’s the third time this week

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2021.09.25 01:56 NebulaImpressive Sincerely Kentrell is what 38baby 2 should’ve been. He should’ve name 38baby 2 sum else then name Sk 38baby 2.

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2021.09.25 01:56 Sheriffmcgirthy For all your deving needs

YYC Modifications is a place where you can find everything you need for your server.If you need small work done or if you need a complete new server build we can do it for you. We have multiple reviews of our previous work, join our Facebook page u/yycmodifications or our discord
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2021.09.25 01:56 PawsitiveJon Never used a " filter" before lol

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2021.09.25 01:56 Zealousideal-Fee-391 My weekly plan, and my maintenance plan after that, any advice welcomed!

Mon -Wed 72/1 Thurs-Fri 48/1
Sat 23/1 or 18/6depending on the events going on that day.
Sun - Stop (I will likely still only eat two meals but I often go out for breakfast on sundays and I miss eggs during the week 😂)
I plan on doing this until I reach my goal weight, and then I will maintain by doing OMAD all week and continue what I am doing on the weekends.
Feel free to rip my logic apart or provide advice, or let me know if you think there is a better way? Currently have 25kg/53lbs to loose.
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2021.09.25 01:56 Ladieslovedave Planted on the 3rd of this month is it ready to go into this 3 gallon ? Also anyone know what could be the cause of these on the leaves I assumed pest so I used peppermint oil in my water and sprayed but that’s it

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2021.09.25 01:56 Antique_Edge1265 AdaptBSC - This revolutionary project is taking reflection tokens to another level || September - 8% ADA - Rewards October - 8.5% ADA Rewards and so on, this will go on till it hits 15%


Transparency: ADAPT is decentralized and is supported by its community of dedicated people. They are all about open communication and want to build the foundation on transparency, trust, and community.

Trust: In cryptocurrency market trust is the most important factor. This means full transparency not only in the community and development but also in security efforts. The team from ADAPT is willing to dox themselves, when certain Marketcaps are reached. They are also planning to get audited by a third party dessert finance. LP tokens will be locked aswell.

Longterm: ADAPT is here to stay. The decentralized community is fostering and adopting long term development of the ecosystem and foundation in efforts to drive real use cases, and greater rewards beyond any temporary trends.

Community-powered: ADAPT is decentralized and owned by its dedicated and vibrant community. They welcome and embrace different perspectives to build ADAPT into the best community in crypto.


- 8% in ADA rewards.

ADA reflections will increase 0.5% every month for the Buy transactions. The sell fee will always stay at 15%. By November 2022 you will receive 15% ADA Rewards on Buy transactions!

- 1% To Fuel the Liquidity Pool

- 1% Marketing Wallet

🔹 Contract: 0xff1bff2ad77204d2a1bb2740e17f3eca1f0cfff2

🔹 Renounced Ownership:

🔒 100% LP LOCKED:
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2021.09.25 01:56 some_hippie Malabar, 1st flush, CVG

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2021.09.25 01:56 Starlight_Hypnotic Keeping up with German Learning and Usage

Hey everyone!
I'm a learner of German with ~6 months of serious study from university. I'm not sure what my proficiency level is, but it's not high at all, and I'm really only able to follow through most introductory texts and even then, the latter half gets complicated to my eyes.
I'm reaching out because I'm out of university and recently tried to get serious about German but have run into some issues. I thought other students might have advice or experience about some of these.

  1. Assimil - I picked Assimil up (after lots of glowing feedback from polyglots) and have been working through it for a little over a month (on lesson 31 at the moment), but I don't find myself really learning much; it's just not sticking with me. I breeze through what I learned in school, but the newer information feels like it's just getting lost. Anyone have advice or maybe alternatives I could try here?
(I did try duolingo, but it wasn't the best. Maybe for greater vocabulary it's good to stick with it.)
  1. Learning from other Media - I thought maybe I could learn via reading news or playing video games in German, and while I think my vocabulary is getting larger, it takes forever for me to parse things out with a German dictionary. Also throwing subtitles on and pausing a movie will work, but again, it's very slow. Is this how others learned with alternative media? If not, what should I be doing instead?
  2. No Native Speakers Near Me - I live in the US, and no one around me for probably hundreds of miles speaks fluent German (lots of Spanish speakers though). Is it advisable to learn German without the ability to use it regularly in my every day? Am I just running up a hill only to inevitably fall down?
  3. Functional Words vs. Larger Vocabulary - What order would you suggest to learn from this list? Grammar outside of the nominative case is still something of a mystery to me, my vocabulary is probably only at 1000 words, and I don't have a solid grasp of things like past/present tense for functional constructions in words like gespielt or the sollen, wollen, etc type helpers.
I ask because polyglots suggest just learning words and not fiddling with grammar; that you'll pick it up over time, but I'm not sure that's advisable for me, since this is my first language I'm learning beyond my native tongue.
Thanks for your help!
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2021.09.25 01:56 SolidAsAlphabetSoup Soup's Power Rankings: Innergeekdom and Star Wars

Here's my updated Power Rankings for Innergeekdom and Star Wars. As a brief explanation, these are my current rankings of players, meaning recency bias plays a large (but not sole) role, based on how I think they'd generally do against other players in the given division today (in both 3-Rounders and, to a slightly lesser degree, 5-Rounders.) The rankings are obviously subject to change with each subsequent match. The placements here are generally very close (and I could switch names based on the minute) and even a small amount of luck can sway things greatly.
Innergeekdom Power Rankings:

  1. Robert Parker (The Dungeon)
  2. Mike Kalinowski (Korruption)
  3. Chandru Dhandapani (SWAG)
  4. Mara Knopic (The Dungeon)
  5. Amaru Moses (The Usual Suspects)
  6. Saul (The Den)
  7. Moose Haas (The Finstock Exchange)
  8. Chance Ellison (Korruption)
  9. The Barbarian (The Finstock Exchange)
  10. Alex Damon (The Stars)
IG is probably the hardest division to rank right now - and these will probably need major revision after this weekend's matches air. Parker's numbers get him top spot until further notice while Chandru, who beat Parker and who has great numbers as well, falls to third based on a very shaky performance, with several preventable errors imo, against Kalinowski. With Kalinowski having the ball in his 5-Rounder court, he's about as big of a threat as you can get right now. Knopic is of course #4 and then you sort of enter no man's land. Amaru, Saul, Moose, Chance, and Barbarian could all be in any order for all I know - so I'm just relying on the "who beat who?" for now with them. I do have a feeling that Amaru is the top dog of that bunch currently though. Damon, who beat Barbarian, is at the bottom just because I think he might be burned out from IG. Even so, he's still in my Top 10 because I'd still take him over some other IG players - whether he's focusing on IG or not (having a guaranteed 10/10 slice is always helpful too.)
Star Wars Power Rankings:
  1. Thomas Harper (The Den)
  2. Andrew Dimalanta (The Quirky Mercs)
  3. Gold Leader (The Finstock Exchange)
  4. Alex Damon (The Stars)
  5. Laura Kelly (SWAG)
  6. Zack Burkett (The Stars)
  7. Ace Cabrera (SWAG)
  8. Joseph Scrimshaw (Korruption)
  9. Marie Wilson (The Usual Suspects)
  10. Nicki Dimalanta (The Usual Suspects)
Here the top spot goes to Harper for being the most complete Star Wars MTS player that we've seen yet imo. Second is Dimalanta who really transformed into a different player this season. Gold Leader is an interesting case just because his floor is so high and I have no idea what his ceiling is, but as of now, I have every reason to think it's very very high. Alex closes up the top tier but the position is sort of in limbo as we wait to see how he'll fair in this new era of the division. From there, we have Kelly, Burkett, Ace, and Scrimshaw who are all proven threats who really only need a tiny dash of luck to win the belt imo. The Suspects head up the end, and I'm putting Wilson above Nicki, despite the records, just because I think Wilson has far less to go to rise to the top than Nicki does.
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2021.09.25 01:56 XVNull8 885 upvote last time so I did it again

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2021.09.25 01:56 PavelBertuzzi4413 I broke 90 for a second time so I bought shoes too good for me

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2021.09.25 01:56 Both_Airport Ranked progression

I’ve got a question for anyone out there. I’m aware of websites and or applications such as and Blitz for example that keep track of certain stats. I’m speaking mainly in regards to the nice little ranked graph that shows your dips and rises in LP within your division after ranked games.
However is there a website or app that maybe goes more in detail. That shows you maybe that progression from start to current of the whole season 11 of ranked? That way you can see how many games were played in each division? As opposed to just the recent LP standings on the ranked progression graph on
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