First time with the 80x extract from salvia seller

2021.09.25 03:11 jsinco First time with the 80x extract from salvia seller

So this wasnt my first salvia sesh (first was 10x which was ok) but this was my first 80x extract and let me say it was wild. My buddy had scored 2 grams off of salvia seller and i went 2 for 2 on blast off hits lol my first one i sat the lighter on the bong for as long as i could inhaling as long as i could after releasing i coughed pretty hard and the moment i sat back in my chair it felt like i kept going backwards hard to explain but sortve like the infinity affect on a mirror just kept "zooming back" it felt like and my friends in the room talking sounded like they were just repeating a few words over and over. They said i wasnt responding lol. The salvia had gone around and it was my turn again i hit the bowl the same way i did the first time, coughed hard, threw up a little on the floor (buddy wasnt trippin over it i just cleaned up afterwards) but after i threw up it felt as if reality starting with my nose and face was just twisting like a funnel affect and everyones voice sounded like nonsense i couldnt make out a single word. It was a great time i loved it! Its the weird affects for me 👌🏼👌🏼
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2021.09.25 03:11 DameTime5 [WTB] Mossberg 500/88 18.5” barrel (OR)

Bimart sold me a different shotgun than what they showed me in store. Long story short, they admitted it was their fault but wouldn’t let me return it or give me a partial rebate. Looking to spend less than $100. Thanks.
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2021.09.25 03:11 junkle_sam They just designed LINGARDINHO

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2021.09.25 03:11 lolzr10205 What I ordered versus what I got

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2021.09.25 03:11 Easy-D121595 Hamburger and French Fry Show Long Beach Friday 2021

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2021.09.25 03:11 davidson85 The Apple of keyboards

Curious to see if anybody agrees with this. Let me first just say that I really enjoy playing Nord keyboards, and I’m probably going to be purchasing one in the very near future, but recently I’ve just been thinking a lot how it seems like Nord is sort of the “Apple” of keyboards/synthesizers. They are significantly more expensive than their competitors, they pay particular attention to the aesthetic and design of their products to the point where “the look” is part of what makes them so desirable, they are designed to have a very user friendly interface and be very intuitive to program, and to top it all off they seem to charge a ridiculous amount for accessories such as pedals, stands and cases. All these things seem to be so in line with Apple’s way of thinking/philosophy. Again, I’m not saying that any of this is necessarily a bad thing, (except for charging a ton for accessories) I’m more just curious if anyone agrees or disagrees or has thought about this before. Love to hear anyone’s thoughts✌️
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2021.09.25 03:11 Eagle3066 🚀 H y p e r L a u n c h 🚀 | 💰 Private Sale Starting Soon 💰

⭐️⭐️ HyperLaunch - Decentralized PreSale Platform ⭐️⭐️
A new, revolutionary Launchpad with an actual use case and development going on. No more memecoins, no more rugpulls, be part of something that will eventually replace DXSale. HyperLaunch is a deflationary and passive yield generating DeFi project geared toward the development of HyperLaunch, our decentralized presale platform that will enable DeFi projects to launch their presale funding campaigns at a lower cost.
Project Details
HyperLaunch is our custom developed presale application designed to simplify defi project presale campaigns. It functions as a standalone application that enables projects to launch their presale funding campaigns at a lower cost, because we know an intuitive and easy process is key for a smooth launch. HyperLaunch will also integrate with our HyperGate exchange to create a smooth and seamless sales process. HyperLaunch will be phase one of our ecosystem development with the development to begin shortly after our presale campaign.
🌐 Website:
❗️ Defi campaign funding presales!
❗️ Liquidity Locking!
❗️ Token locking!
❗️ Easy & Intuitive Custom User Interface!
❗️ Complete testing environment!
❗️ Support for BSC & Ethereum presales!
❗️ Complete presale campaign management!
❗️ Development to begin right after presale!
❗️ Lower cost!
❗️ Private sale management!
⚡️ 10 Billion max supply
⚡️ 10% transaction fee.
⚡️ 2% Automatic Burn
⚡️ 4% Passive Staking reward to holders
⚡️ 4% Marketing & Development wallet
💲 Liquidity Locked after launch 💲
Our Tokenomics are simple and designed to support the best interest of our holders and the project success. From each transaction 2% is automatically sent to the burn wallet to decrease the total supply supporting an increasing price floor while 4% is returned to our holders as a passive staking reward for holding. Additionally, 4% from each transaction is sent to the Marketing & Development wallet to ensure we have the funds to successfully develop and market the application.
Join us on Telegram as we build our community.
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2021.09.25 03:11 throwmethewaytogo The sling makes it tactical, right?

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2021.09.25 03:11 RepresentativePlus99 How do you find the revamped campaign banners so far? (Setzer/Wakka/Ami & Vivi/Aphmau banners)

Just curious about what people think about the changed banners that GL has been doing so far!
I'm just glad I didn't skip Deuce on her debut, she's one of my favourites so I would've been quite sad today if I didn't save for her back then. I kinda like how they shake things up for these campaign LDs. Just don't take out the BT please lmao
View Poll
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2021.09.25 03:11 Itz_Quartzy Azelf ! 8844 8878 4967 & 4239 6501 9048 & 7948 1936 6939

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2021.09.25 03:11 shook_- locks of the day NFL DFS

Boys once again i am not going to have much time at all, been really really busy trying to find time to make all my lineups, practice with my CSGO team, chill with my niece and nephew, the season for CSGO is almost over so next week on i should have plenty of time to make posts in detail. it's just been hard because of the commitment I have to put in with these guys.
if you have ANY questions about this slate I will answer all of your guys questions to make up for the lack of detail in the post, you can literally ask me anything you want and i will have an answer for you. Whether that be optimal cash lineups, top players from each position, anything you want to ask I will have an answer for you.
Once again i just want to say i am sorry for the not so detailed posts, but guess what boys, NBA is almost back and those posts will be fire as fuck like last year and so will these NFL posts once i have more time.
I will just be going over my player pool again, Anyone with a * next to their name means I like them more, the more ** the more I like them. I can't put everyone in this post or it will be to long so if i miss anyone that you like I am sorry, Feel free to comment them in the post.
K. Murray ($8,300) - I mean this guy is just breaking DFS, he will be in my player pool every week.
P. Mahomes ($8,200)****
L. Jackson ($7,800)*
R. Wilson ($7,600)***
T. Brady ($6,800)*** - Tom brady is good at football
J. Herbert ($6,500)****
M. Stafford ($6,400)***
K. Cousins ($6,300)*
D. Jones ($5,800)**
J. Fields ($5,200)*** - Love the price for fields but I don't think he will be throwing the ball a ton so i am not sure how much exposure i will have to these stacks. But i think fields is a good cash play.
A lot of good games to like here which means there are going to be a lot of quarterbacks in play. If you are playing SE or 3 MAX I would focus on the KC game or the TB game.
D. Henry ($8,600)** - Just be careful here, he broke the slate last week. usually i have a rule where if henry is going to be popular i will be under weight to the field, if he will be un owned then i will go heavy over weight to the field.
D. Cook Q tag ($8,400) - huge news to monitor here, hopefully we get news before sunday if he is playing or not because this is a 4:25 game. If he is out then i obviously love mattison but we may not get this news until after the 1 PM games, so make sure you have room to pivot if he is out. What i might do is just remove both from my player pool if we do not get that news before 1 PM lock.
A. Ekeler ($7,200)**** - Absolutely fucking love this game script for ekeler.
N. Harris ($6,600)
S. Barkley ($6,500)***
C. Carson ($6,400)**
J. Mixon ($6,300)
D. Montgomery ($6,100) - might take a wait and see approach here with fields starting at QB.
A. Mattison ($6,000)**** - IF COOK IS OUT
A. Gibson ($5,900) - Gibson is in such a good spot this week but the amount of work he is getting is something to worry about. I will probably just be even with the field on him or a little over the field.
D. Henderson Q tag ($5,900) - Henderson has a Q tag, on twitter i am seeing that it's a pain tolerance thing so I fully expect him to play, the matchup is terrible so i won't be getting to much of him since TB literally forces teams to throw the ball. If he is for some reason out then expect michel to fill in that role as the RB1
D. Harris ($5,600)
M. Davis ($5,100)
S. Michel ($4,900)** - IF HENDERSON IS OUT
C. Edwards-Helaire ($4,800)**** - DraftKings is trolling us with this price, if he sucks this week I will completely redact him.
M. Jones Jr ($4,900)**
T. Boyd ($4,700)*** - HUGE boost if higgins out
A. Green ($4,500) - Big boost if Dhop is out
L. Shenault ($4,400)
E. Sanders ($4,200)
R. Higgins ($4,200) - Landry out (will probably not touch him regardless but wanted to include)
J. Washington ($4,000)**
H. Renfrow ($4,000)
Q. Cephus ($3,900)*
M. Hardman ($3,900)**
E. Moore ($3,800) - If crowder is out
K. Osborne ($3,500)**** - This price is just absurd. Jam him in
V. Jefferson Jr ($3,400)
S. Miller ($3,100) - If AB is out and we get news he's the WR3
T. Johnson ($3,000) - If AB is out and we get news he's the WR3
M. Thomas ($3,000) - If Higgins is out
D. Peoples-Jones ($3,000) - Landry out (will probably not touch him regardless but wanted to include)
Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, Hardman
Jackson, Watkins, Brown (monitor injury), Andrews
Wilson, Lockette, Metcalf (upping exposure), Swain (lowering exposure to him), Everette
Brady, Evans, Godwin, Gronk, (Will be massively upping exposure to Godwin and Evans)
Herbert, Ekeler, Allen, Williams, Cook
Stafford, Woods, Kupp, Higbee
Cousins, Thielan, Jefferson, Osborne, Conklin (MASSIVELY upping exposure to Osborne)
Jones, Sterling, Slayton, Engram (we need to monitor Golladay news)
Fields, Montgomery, Robinson, Kmet
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2021.09.25 03:11 pzero5960 Selling Star Trek Picard Novels Please Message if Interested

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2021.09.25 03:11 pakito1234 Cold wave @metro

Looking for 1 ticket for tomorrow. Thank you!!
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2021.09.25 03:11 reddit_feed_bot Fox News Politics: Beto O'Rourke rips Biden response to Haitian migrant crisis in scathing op-ed

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2021.09.25 03:11 AntiRivet My Own Take on the RX-78-2 Theme, As if it Were Partially Sponsored by Corsair.

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2021.09.25 03:11 phxbttmdaddy M4A staatsburg/Rhinebeck/Hyde park?

In town for a few days, looking to play. 34 dad bod. Vers 7uc. Clean and tested for same.
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2021.09.25 03:11 francold josh finally passes the eternal goal for now 24-09-2021

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2021.09.25 03:11 thatprayerciaraprayd YA novel set in Kentucky/Appalachia

Cannot for the life of me remember the title. It’s a YA novel about a girl growing up in a “holler”/poor Appalachian town who wins an essay contest and gets to go to the “big city” as an exchange student. The rich girl she stays with then comes to her poor town to experience her way of life. I don’t think it’s Dovey Coe.
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2021.09.25 03:11 Frosty_Lawfulness359 Do you Think Elena Delle Donne will be fully healthy next year? 🔥 🔥

I know the Mystics has had a rough season with the injury bug a lot of players being out. Tina Charles has had a historic great year and it's been fun to watch her dominate. One of the biggest bright spots this year was the Mystics getting EDD back after a 2 year break from her back injury. Everybody and myself included was so happy to see EDD back doing her thing. In her season debut she dropped 16 points not missing a beat. Next game after that she dropped 18 points as the Mystics was hoping to have her for the rest of the season as they were fighting to get into the playoffs. Then Mike Tibault stopped playing her because I think she injured her back again. Hopefully all the players on The Mystics can come back fully healthy and possibly make a run next year. Hopefully Emma Messeman will be back next year as well because they missed her presence and her scoring prowess this year. With Tina Charles coming back and the players getting healthy for next year do you think EDD will make a full comeback with The Mystics or sadly no? I think that she can make a full comeback but it all depends on her body and how she feels. Hopefully she can make a full recovery and If so we can't wait to see her next season. If she was to make a comeback I think Mike Tibault should put her at small forward. EDD gets injured most likely down low when she's banging inside, getting rebounds and defending inside. You put her outside she's a great shooter can shoot off the dribble and can create her own shot. Not to mention that she's shoots 50% from the field and 40% from deep. She'll be in a lot of catch and shoot situations and she's a underrated passer her teammates will be getting open looks with her on the perimeter. And on the defensive side she can defend the perimeter really well and if she gets beat on the outside Tina Charles, or Emma Messeman, Myisha Hines-Allen or Theresa Plaisance will be waiting down low to defend the pick up. I hope she makes a comeback If she does she has to change her game up. Regardless she's a great player Hall Of Famer and I want to see her have a long sustaining career!
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2021.09.25 03:11 VitUltimate New Home Screen! NF themed

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2021.09.25 03:11 Cnjj2711 Needs to be caught

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2021.09.25 03:11 Sam_21000 Hello, I'm new to the DC comic and I don't know what to read! I'm interested?

Hello, I'm new and I saw few movies but I don't know what to read and how to start, can you recommend me some of your favorite comics and what's your favorite characters!
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2021.09.25 03:11 Low_Estate_7991 Want to be a full time streamer

I play apex with my homies a lot and have a twitch account my set up is not the best but I’m trying to work my up to get better cam and mic I have a small following on twitch already and I want to increase it 10 fold any tips on how to put my name out there and since I’m at it already if y’all have the time come watch my stream thank you 🙏🏼
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2021.09.25 03:11 EpicManJam You have been banned from the mickey mouse club for inappropriate behaviour

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2021.09.25 03:11 Jervwizzs FBG Duck intentions if he didn't make his "last song"

Is it true that Duck was about to end with thug chiraq life but he was forced by BDs to drop D. Bchs. en well we know the rest of the story? Folks on yt was saying that he was going to leave Chi like Sosa or Durk did. Do we know this like for sure?
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