Is it just me or does the color of the "N" make anyone else uncomfortable?

2021.09.25 02:20 nostopthoughts Is it just me or does the color of the "N" make anyone else uncomfortable?

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2021.09.25 02:20 hello12445 Luffy vs Old Whitebeard! Who wins?

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2021.09.25 02:20 KingMel Gave my A4 a clean

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2021.09.25 02:20 rickrucksack 09/23/2021 Elyria, Ohio; Murray Truck Leasing operator loses control. Two dead in truck and three car accident.

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2021.09.25 02:20 Antique_Edge1265 AdaptBSC - This revolutionary project is taking reflection tokens to another level || September - 8% ADA - Rewards October - 8.5% ADA Rewards and so on, this will go on till it hits 15%


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2021.09.25 02:20 bellyflopcastro Were you or someone you know in Moab Utah on any day between August 13-18? You may have the key piece of information needed to bring #justice4kylencrystal #justice4kycry @Justice4KyCry r/Justice4KylenCrystal #kylenshulte #crystalturner

Were you or someone you know in Moab Utah on any day between August 13-18? You may have the key piece of information needed to bring #justice4kylencrystal #justice4kycry @Justice4KyCry Justice4KylenCrystal #kylenshulte #crystalturner submitted by bellyflopcastro to truecrimedaily [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 02:20 bigd1gger The Duality of Momo And Yamato

I think that there are a lot of misconceptions in the one piece community about what Yamato's purpose is when she was introduced so late and plays such a significant role in both the entirety of the Battle of Onigashima and more importantly in the story of Wano so far.
Before I really get into the thick of this analysis I want to admit this will probably be a long one so TL:DR at the bottom but bear with me because I think that Yamato and Momo are very much two sides of the same coin.
Starting with Kaido's actions immediately following the death of Oden, Kaido set fire to the castle and threatened Momonosuke. Afterwards Momo, terrified but alive, makes it to the future 20 years and goes on this grand adventure to find someone to help him defeat Kaido. Before leaving to the future however the will of Momo at that time was to live up to his fathers name - he desired to be like oden. It doesn't seem odd to me that the moment Momo leaves for 20 years, someone else begins to share that will - to be oden, to become like this samurai who defied and nearly defeated kaido.
Looking at Yamato who took on Oden's will, she is still very much Kaido's child. Yamato desires to be Oden so much that so far, her entire personality is centered around this one element and that may be off putting to some people. The other element of her character that we have really seen and one that needs to be analyzed in contrast to her personality is her combat style . All of Yamato's moves, from the first time we are introduced to the character, to her fight with kaido, are some sort of mimicry, adaptation, or downright copy cat of something Kaido has done this raid. This duality of Yamato, the desire to be this strong samurai like Oden and the "curse" of being the child of an oni, bears itself in the imagery that she is overwhelmingly "Oden" in personality but undeniable Kaido in combat. These are the only to sides of Yamato that we have really seen so far. And Yamato's desire to be Oden comes from a good place, let's not forget that young Yamato was enamored with samurai and was even fed by someone (who may or may not be Zoro's father but who knows) who was an ally of Oden. As far as One piece goes we know the significance of a character being fed by another. Zoro's introduction, Luffy in the beginning of Wano, Sanji's introduction etc. food means a lot and it comes with a debt to be paid. Yamato feels like she owes it to both the samurai and Oden himself to take down Kaido, and I believe that Yamato hopes it will break the curse of her lineage and prove her father wrong when the samurai do accept her. Yamato bears the brunt of her heritage as an Oni and overcompensates by diving head first into what she believes is the dead opposite of Kaido: Oden. In many ways Yamato also embodies the will of Oden wishing to be free of Wano and see the world which is very much Oden's original struggle before taking off on his own grand adventure where he learned everything there was to know. This was Oden's original will before becoming shogun or defeating Kaido. However Yamato is prevented from opening the borders by Kaido (not unlike oden) as she was chosen to be the new Shogun of Wano once his New Onigama project is completed.
Transitioning to look at Momonosuke who bears the brunt of living up to his fathers name sake, he too wanted to be like his father. But when he came back from his Time Skip, his immediate goal had shifted and he wished to find powerful allies that would help him defeat Kaido- In retrospect imagine he finds a marine and agrees to have Wano join the WG in exchange for defeating Kaido... anyways I digress- and when we look at Momo's personality when he meets Luffy, although he's trying his best, his attitude is really the inverse of Oden's. Momo's a little cry baby (which is ok hes like 8 and just lost both parents to a Yonko) but his will is still to live up to his lineage and become the shogun of Wano. This also directly opposes the wishes of Kaido for Yamato to be shogun (obviously) but this is what thrusts them both into the analytical lime light - they both embody the essential aspects of Oden's will: Defeat Kaido, Open Wano, one wants to be free while the other wants to be shogun of Wano. To add another element to this, Momo's combat ability as a human are next to nothing, and while a child his dragon was pretty useless as well (except flame clouds on Punk Hazard but you know what I mean), and it wasn't until he aged up that his combat prowess proved to be pretty devastating, he was able to physically harm Kaido in this most recent chapter. But what ties this to Yamato is that much like how she uses his Kanabo moveset, Momo will use his dragon attacks and maybe even hybrid form in combat. Neither Momo nor Yamato fight like oden with two swords, Yamato uses a Kanabo and Momo has only been shown to use his dragon form. Momo inherited some of Kaido's lineage factor when he ate the fruit (again the significance of eating while starving) which gave him the ability to become a peach dragon.
Both Yamato and Momonosuke wish to be Oden in some right and while Momo's is a touch more nuanced because it is living up to his father, Yamato despises her father and wishes to embody his seemingly mortal enemy. But both Yamato and Momo can only achieve their respective yet mutual dreams by defeating Kaido. Both have befriended Luffy, in efforts to achieve their dream and both agreed to aid Luffy on his efforts to achieve his dream. Diving deeper here it seems like Momo has known Luffy much longer, but Oda kinda solves this issue giving Yamato and Ace a very close relationship which is how she not only knows of Luffy, but knows of his dream and wants to help. Yamato also has had direct interactions with Momo that really add to this idea that they are two sides of the same coin - when Yamato gives Momo Oden's journal. Not only does Yamato know about the end of the Grand Line (at least as much as oden wrote) the Weapons, or whatever else the Roger Pirates discovered, but she also knows Momo's significance and why he "must not die" as Momo himself puts it in chapter 999. Yamato also alludes to knowing the history of the Will of D which is a cool tid bit but more appropriately she has the knowledge that Kozuki Oden put in that journal. She knows why Wano is special and knows that it must be defended against threats, Kaido and the like. This in all likelihood means the World Government too because I doubt the true history of the world has anything good to tell us about the celestial dragons. Wano is special we know that and everyone seems to want a slice. I propose that it is possible that Yamato may stay in Wano *freely* and help Momo prevent the country from falling under another pirates rule or into the hands of CP0 and the WG. Who better to teach Momo how to use his dragon powers, after all Yamato did know about the flame clouds and has been living with kaido for how many years, and both of them together would serve as both half oden in will and half kaido in combat.
TL;DR: Yamato and Momo mirror each other in both being half Oden and half Kaido. Momo is half oden as being the literal child of oden but also in inheriting his will to open Wano and become shogun. His combat style however, is entirely based on Kaido's lineage and his ability to be a dragon making him half Kaido. Yamato in the same way is half Kaido as being the literal child of Kaido and in the same way as Momo, her combat style is almost identical to Kaido. However, Yamato has inherited Oden's will to open Wano and to be free (even though Kaido desires her to be shogun). Both Momo and Yamato also have mythical devil fruits that are closely tied to Wano, one being the guardian deity and the other a replica of the oppressing force. It's really kind of interesting.
I would like to say that the alternative to Yamato staying in Wano if you dont like that idea is that as Momo journeyed into Wano with the SH's, Yamato will play the reverse and accompany out of Wano with the SH's fufilling Oden's will again and replaying what Oden did with Whitebeard in a similar fashion. I could see it both ways and I'm not tied to one or the other but I just wish people wouldn't bash Yamato for being an "out of nowhere" character. Like yeah she's brand new but the narrative between her and Momonosuke has been interesting so far as they are seriously two sides of the same coin and it will be very interesting especially after the battle of Onigashima now that he is 28. Don't forget when Oden is first introduced men of the Wano shouted "Hide your wives and hide your daughters" and Kaido forgot to hide his daughter, she's already enamored with Oden wait till she sees Momonosuke - he even brought Shinobu to tears because he looked just like (I'm assuming here) Oden. Anyways I digress the Yamato Momo duality is really a narative masterpiece and it bums me out that some people dont like Yamato as a character just because she "wants to be Oden" but the whole point of her characters internal struggle so far is that while she desires to be Oden she is inextricably tied to Kaido via his Lineage, and so too is Momonosuke.
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2021.09.25 02:20 Ehvuhlinn Man who likely hasn't heard of covid and clearly has no interest in society gets covid shot

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2021.09.25 02:20 Necessary_Video6401 I'm missing joe bob

Made friday night fun
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2021.09.25 02:20 Spankyzerker Exalted Shard receipt can't figure out why not working?

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2021.09.25 02:20 thetankster [PS4][PS5] [NA] [east] looking for 2s Partner. Diamond area looking to get better. 18+ a must

Rotational defensive minded player looking for an 18+ 2s partner. Message me
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2021.09.25 02:20 SamStone101 MLV.TV Commercial Volume

I love watching baseball and I think that for the most part MLB.TV does a good job covering the sport. My only complaint is the volume level on some of their commercials that they insert into the broadcast. You guys who stream MLB.TV know what I’m talking about, you are sitting back in your easy chair relaxed and enjoying the game and here comes a commercial so loud that it almost blasts you right out of your chair! There is an easy fix for this.
Here is a YouTube video on how to eliminate those annoying loud ads. I don’t mind the regular ads and I prefer watching them to seeing the ‘Commercial break in progress’ that you see after getting rid of the commercials but those loud commercials are just so annoying. This is the link to the YouTube video.
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2021.09.25 02:20 Gurkha1 The fire in this game is soooo devastating and annoying

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2021.09.25 02:20 Pervations Best Optimized 4G APN for Galaxy S21

Hello, all!
Pretty much the title. I am looking for the best 4G LTE APN. I live in a pretty rural area and don't get 5G out where I live, but I was wondering what you guys use for 4G LTE. I am already using a booster and get about -94 DBM.
What APN has worked best for you to improve your LTE speeds? Also, anything else I can do to help improve my speeds out where I live (Clayton, WA...if that helps)?
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2021.09.25 02:20 NotedStaff Should I always rely on the 'Recommended Gear'?

Sometimes gear that has less defense and worse stats for me is recommended over the gear that has better stats and much higher defense. Is the gear with lower defense and worse stats better in some way that I can't understand, or should I ignore what the Recommended Gear list is telling me and equip the better gear?
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2021.09.25 02:20 Rashizar Brew Archives: Sigil Stairs (2nd-level Conjuration) - a highly versatile platform spell

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2021.09.25 02:20 Electronic_Bet4282 Ladies help!! I’m tight on cash and have a wedding upcoming, it’s Halloween weekend and black tie. So I’m hoping someone has a black dress that would idk make me look nice :) I’m 5’6 size 6-8 more athletic/curvy build. Willing to pick up!

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2021.09.25 02:20 Vicentem225 First time!

Staying at an airbnb at pdc any tips ? Great places to eat clubs bars? I’m 24 and my cousin is 30 it’s both of our first times here!
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