Similar experience?

2021.09.25 01:32 Mirroronthewall76 Similar experience?

Anyone ever try to quit for years then outta nowhere just randomly can make it happen. I haven’t watch porn in 11 days cause I haven’t felt the need to other than morning woods besides that haven’t got an urge or nothing. I guess just flatline didn’t know it hit that quick or either I just finally got tired. Either way it’s whatever
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2021.09.25 01:32 Komrad_Emerald Logitech G PRO Headset issues

Hello! I recently got a Logitech G Pro headset, and I was wondering if I could find help with it here. Important, this is just a G Pro. NOT a G Pro X, this is the wired version.
I have noticed problems with both microphone and audio quality, and these didn't seem to line up with its very positive reviews. I know for a fact that the mic quality is worse than my last headset, which cost around 20 dollars, which was a bit strange. I've tried messing around in G Hub, but to no discernable results. I think I MIGHT know what the problem is, that being my last headset was able to record at studio quality and this one is only able to record at DVD quality, but it seems like it should be better than it currently is. If it helps, I have had issues like this in the past where very positively reviewed headsets don't work well when I get them. If I left anything important to getting advice out, feel free to mention it in the comments! I will answer any question I can if it means I can get these working. Thank you!

Additional Info:
Tried it out both connected to the USB dongle and connected to my computers AUX port. Seemingly no difference.
Headset shipped originally with the wrong dongle, but I had it returned and now it has the correct one. This may have somehow messed with my G Hub installation.
I have considered that G Hub may be causing this, but I don't know how to fix it through there.
I have considered that it's audio drivers may be out of date or otherwise in need of an update, but I don't know how to update them.
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2021.09.25 01:32 TimeIsPower Situation Update (09/24/2021): Confirmed number of Oklahoma COVID-19 cases has increased to 604,391 (+1,230)

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2021.09.25 01:32 Madisonbabik How does my backyard look

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2021.09.25 01:32 irishspring4521 Forgive the racism terminology here... but it's a freakout for sure...

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2021.09.25 01:32 Danqwerty11 @frones finish red dead 2

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2021.09.25 01:32 Forexla (UFC 5 suggestion) Clean strikes landed should either intercept most strikes or at least take away power from incoming strikes

As we all know, there's many immersion breaking "balance" issues with the combat mechanics.
One of the ways to make the combat more rewarding/realistic/balanced is to make certain strikes intercept the opponents combo or at the very least (always) take most of the power away from the next shot coming from the opponent.
Here's an example:
My opponent tends to throw overhand rights. They pack a lot of power and take time to land. In boxing (IRL technique) you wanna counter that with a faster shot like a cross. If the opponent continues throwing the overhand (unlikely) it won't hold nearly as much power as it would've.
In the game, the overhand continues, and in the last scenario (which made me come make this post) it proceeded to knock me out lol. After I timed the cross right as he started the overhand. Very unrewardind especially if you're a fan of technique like myself it makes me not wanna play the game and play something extra unrealistic and at least polished and fun like Mortal Kombat even.
I hope EA UFC 5 is more realistic because this is sucks.
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2021.09.25 01:32 CBDOILPRINCESS LOSE WEIGHT & GAIN MONEY! http://WeightLoss4YourSOUL.Club

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2021.09.25 01:31 ControlAltTheYeet Will security give me a hard time?

I work with an organization that distributes free naloxone (generic Narcan) and fentanyl testing kits. I’m planning on giving out some at the North campground tomorrow (Message me for details), but I also wanted to keep a few kits/doses on me at the festival. Do you think security will prevent me from bringing it in?
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2021.09.25 01:31 Rnin85 Refreshments Delivery

Just received my free order of Refreshments. Has anyone been using this for a while? What do you think about it?
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2021.09.25 01:31 wallpapersdance Which words/phrases in AVE sound most grating/annoying to the ears of standard American English speakers?

What do the standard American English speakers typically do that reveal they are annoyed by the sound difference?
Ex: small things that reveal they are racist even though they are trying to hide it?
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2021.09.25 01:31 schizofred76 I made another small collection today. See the complete set on opensea. Collection A Bit Of Sasquarchery,artist schizofred.

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2021.09.25 01:31 berryking11 Last weeks bill

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2021.09.25 01:31 sirskiimichael Gun problem?

Does anyone have probems with their gun, like for some reason the gun won't shoot? It can't be my trigger cause it works fine in every other game, but then the gun shoots from time to time then won't shoot something like that
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2021.09.25 01:31 ARREST_HILLARY_NOW Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes Full MEME - How did we get here?

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2021.09.25 01:31 ARREST_HILLARY_NOW Biden's UN speech shows further US commitment to war and meddling, not 'diplomacy'

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2021.09.25 01:31 anonym_lee My Friend Might Be Using The Guy I Like

My friend F(17) recent started dating my friend M(18) about a week ago. She has been known for playing guys and then ditching them within weeks. She has admitted she has a big ego and told me it hurt her ego to reply to him that she liked him back. Recently, about a day ago F(17) cried about her ex, which they broke up about a year ago. There’s stories of her cheating and ones of her ex cheating. However, her ex has ss of her admitting it to him. She’s been known to manipulate guys for validation and even has one securing a job for her. The thing is me and M(18) used to be fwb and I still have feelings for him. He said he had feelings for me but didn’t tell me whenever he did and he lost them. When they started dating it was hard for me because I get uncomfortable with pda. They even cuddle in the lunch room. Recently, I’ve been talking to her ex’s new girlfriend because she was already my friend. Her and F(17)s ex have been dating for months. F(17) was never bothered by it and still had them both added after she said her ex cheated on her. She stalks the girlfriends page and still has her ex added on social media and watches what he posts. For some reason she ended up crying this week about him. She said I was bullying her because of her new relationship. As soon as they got together I distanced myself and gave them space out of respect. I haven’t gotten close to either of them. I don’t know why she would cry cry over her ex of one year ago when she’s already officially dating M(18). I feel like she’s using my friend as a rebound for closure or to just replace having history with her ex at all. M(18) resembles her ex quite a bit with how he acts. I think she could actually like him but I feel like she wants to replace her history with M(18) so she doesn’t feel like a bad person for cheating, because M(18) believes her ex cheated, she also acts super innocent and pick me girl like. I thought that could be a reason or because her ex is really good friends with M(18) and she knows that. I could be wrong but it just seems so suspicious. Because a week before she was with another guy she said she made him like her to make her school life more exciting. Am I wrong for assuming she’s using my friend? Or am I right about what she’s doing?
TLDR: my friend F(17) might be using my friend M(18) as a rebound or to get back at her ex from a year ago and i want to know if she’s using him when he has genuine feelings.
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2021.09.25 01:31 cerescdor How to break into tech as someone with no experience?

Hello everyone!
I have decided to pursue the tech field after some time contemplating whether it would be the right field for me. I have an unrelated social science degree. I also currently work at a bank as a teller(though I also do supervisory tasks so my workload is more than a regular teller). I'm currently learning mathematics(calculus,linear algebra, and statistics), Python,SQL and I'm thinking about taking Comptia exams and get certified.
My interests lie in Data Science/ML/AI and Cyber Security(more specifically Cloud Security).
My questions are:
- How useful would non-related managerial experience be? My manager advised me to stay and then move to an assistant manager position at a different location. Should I stay a bit longer before moving into the tech industry or would this experience not be useful since I haven't had any experience working in tech?
- Are there careers that combine Cyber Security and AI/ML? Or is this only restricted to research positions?
- As for what I want to go for as a career, I would love to be a consultant someday and have my own business abroad. What skill sets should I focus on besides having technical skills? I have heard people do get certs for IT consulting but I don't know if this would favor in my case.
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2021.09.25 01:31 Both-Quote9280 Need Help with Procrastination

I am a college freshman. And damn, it feels so good to be here!
I'm really liking the college experience. Being able to go grocery shopping, eating better, hiring a personal trainer so I can get beefed up at the gym, grabbing opportunities and joining the parkour club. It's really refreshing, and I feel like I'm thriving.
Except for academics.
I've got a really light workload, only 4 classes, 3 technically because one takes place once a week. 2 classes a day, and only 1 that gives out daily homework.
Thing is, I haven't been doing mine for the past month or so, and it's building up. I've missed several classes, and didn't even take 2 tests. I kept telling myself that I would catch up, but I always seem to get distracted by video games and pushing my work back farther and farther away...
I had this problem in my junior and senior years of high school, but I promised myself college would be a fresh start. I don't want to disappoint my mom like I did for the past 2 years, but the same damn thing is happening again.
It really feels like I'm sinking my own boat and college career. I need the motivation to overcome my procrastination, get my shit done, and get back on track. Please, let me know how I can do this.
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2021.09.25 01:31 ARREST_HILLARY_NOW CNBC: Biden says unvaccinated Americans are 'costing all of us' as he presses Covid vaccine mandates.

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2021.09.25 01:31 Trader_Kamikaze $VICE to the moon

$VICE to the moon wow, @vicewrld_ goes up 63% in one hour, a whale bought 50k USD in $VICE
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2021.09.25 01:31 Lem01 Jimmy Fallon is dead to me...

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2021.09.25 01:31 BeholdThePlant Tricking a smaller potted photo plant into flowering while using the power of the sun?

Does anyone have any information on the likelihood I would be able to trick a plant in a pot to flower by bringing it inside part way through the day every day once it reaches the desired height and I want it to flower? I've got a tap root sticking out of a germinating photo seed and was planning on planting soon. I'm not very familiar with photo plants, I usually stick to autoflower. Any input would be helpful, thanks
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2021.09.25 01:31 OptInCavitySearch Anyone gotten a CD on Saturday?

We’re scheduled for a Wednesday 9/29 close, it’s Friday 9/24 today and no Closing Disclosure yet.
Holding out hope for a Saturday CD delivery but wanted to see if anyone has gotten one before.
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2021.09.25 01:31 bbchucks [USA-NYC] [H] iPhone 12 PRO MAX 256MB GOLD UNLOCKED [W] PAYPAL

Hello all
I am selling my unlocked 256GB iPhone 12 Pro Max (GOLD). I've had a case (included) on it since day 1, you won't find a scratch on the back or front. Please see photos @
Literally a new phone for you!
Battery life is still 100%
Box and unused cable included
Warranty until 11/12/2021

Shipped - $925 net to me
Local pickup - $900
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